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Is eating and sleeping more an early symptom of pregnancy?

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βˆ™ 2006-01-04 10:13:39

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These two symptoms have been described as early pregnancy symptoms. They can also be caused by stress, or maybe even a hormone imbalance. I would take a look at whether you had sex during your fertile times. Take the length of your cycle minus 14 days and that should tell you when you ovulated. If you had intercourse a couple of days prior to that you could be pregnant. I would get a home pregnancy test and try it. Wait and see what your next cycle is like. If it is light or missed try another test. If they are negative but you still feel pregnant, or other symptoms show up, then get a blood test done to be sure. Good luck and keep us posted.

2006-01-04 10:13:39
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Could tightness in the abdomen a symptom of pregnancy?

Is tightness in the abdomen a symptom of early pregnancy

Do you get headaches in early pregnancy?

yes. its an early symptom.

Is a UTI an early pregnancy sign?

Frequent urination can be an early symptom of pregnancy, but a UTI isnt' an early pregnancy sign.

Is Tooth pain a symptom of early pregnancy?


Is discharge a early symptom of pregnancy?


Is acne an early pregnancy symptom?


Is blood in stools symptom of early pregnancy?


Why is sore throat an early pregnancy symptom?

Its not and where did you get that at

Is a sore throat a symptom of pregnancy?

Answer:Yes, a sore throat can be an early pregnancy symptom but you should take a pregnancy test or talk to your doctor to be sure.

Are darkening nipples an early symptom of pregnancy?

yes they are

Are headaches and cramping a early pregnancy symptom?

not really

Is feeling gassy a symptom of early pregnancy?

No dear.

Can worsening IBS symptoms be an early symptom of pregnancy?


Are goose bumps a symptom of early pregnancy?

NO, they are a sign that you are cold.

Can stretch marks be an early pregnancy symptom?

No your just fat

Do you have to pee alot early in pregnancy?

Frequent urination is a common symptom of early pregnancy. However, not all women will experience it.

Is it normal to have white discharge in early pregnancy?

Yes very normal. In fact its a pregnancy symptom.

Are white tipped burning nipples an early pregnancy symptom?


Is leg pain a symptom of early pregnancy?

check out this site

Can muscle spasms in the lower stomach be a symptom of early pregnancy?

It's a Possibility.

Is acid reflux a normal symptom during early pregnancy?

Acid reflux can make the sufferer feel very uncomfortable. If you are or plan to be pregnant soon, you should know that as uncomfortable as this is it is a normal symptom during early pregnancy.

Can dull pelvic pain be an early pregnancy symptom?

Bad pain should be checked out but cramping can be a sign of pregnancy.

Is doo dooing more a symptom of pregnancy?

Yes it can be a early sign of pregnancy and a sign of labor coming upon

What are some really early symptoms of pregnancy say a week or less?

missed periods,sleeping alot more,eating more than what you usually would.

Is eating a lot and not getting full a symptom of pregnancy?

No not really. Most women get that some time before they get their period. It's the body's way to prepare for a pregnancy. During the pregnancy the fetus need maybe a sandwich and a glass of juice, it does not make you eat that much more and not early in the pregnancy.