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Are you kidding? Do not eat cement. you should assume so. you can catch diseases by doing so. is sicia is a common one. but just because its bad for you, doesnt mean it doesnt happen

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โˆ™ 2006-07-04 00:46:07
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Q: Is eating cement bad for you?
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What illnesses can you get from eating cement?

Seriously, stop eating cement. You can do harm to your intestines over time requiring surgery.

Can eating cement kill you because of the lime in it?


Why does your dog like eating cement?

because its hungry

Is eating cement dangerous?

yah itc reallly dangerous

Is inhaling latex cement bad for you?


What to do after eating cement?

Drink plenty of water. And don't do that again. It is brainless.

Is chalk eating and cement eating considered the same?

If you are eating these things get to your doctor IMMEDIATELY your body is either lacking something or you may have a disorder where you eat things that you aren't supposed to eat I forget the name of this disorder but please get to your doctor before things get bad for you Good Luck and God Bless!!!

Is eating too many pomegranates bad for you?

Eating too much of anything is bad for you

What would happen if you eat wall cement plaster?

If you eat wall cement plaster, you would become very sick and maybe die. Wall cement plaster is not made for eating in any way.

What is bad about healthy eating?

The only bad thing about healthy eating is that it suppresses your appetite's freedom.

How can the mouth membranes be toughened so that eating crunchy foods like chips don't cause irritation?

put cement in your mouth put cement in your mouth

Is eating peanut butter with nuts bad for you?

Eating peanut butter with nuts is not bad for you unless you are allergic to it.

If you have an addiction to eating cement what can you eat that would give you the same satisfaction?

The reason why you are eating cementYour addiction to eating cement may result from an extreme deficiency in one mineral or another. People with these sorts of deficiencies will sometimes rub cars or windows with their fingers and eat the dust they collect. FIRST, stop eating cement, it could kill you, as it contains lime! SECOND, go see a doctor immediately! Your doctor will perhaps (or if they can't go see another one) suggest a supplement that will supply the mineral your body craves. AnswerIt's a fetish! Your dentist is going to have a field day with you! Think about that one!

How do you know if you are eating bad sushi?

It taste bad.....

Is it bad eating apple after vomiting?

it is Quite bad

Is eating pottery bad?

yes, vey bad.

Is eating raw yeast bad for you?

Yes, it is bad for you.

Why is eating raw cashews bad for you?

Eating them is bad for you because they contain a chemical found in poison Ivy-Urushiol

What year did eating disorders get really bad?

Eating disorder have always been really dagerous and "bad" for people.

What would happen if you ate cement?

The cement would harden inside of you. I don't even know why you would eat cement. It's probably toxic and plus you would be eating liquid rock so it wouldn't taste very good.

Is eating chalk bad while you are pregnant?

Yes, it is bad.

Is eating junk bad?

Well,it is very bad for your health.

Is over eating bad for you?

Over eating causes you to gain weight

How do bad eating habits effect your skin?

it depends what you mean by bad eating habits, over eating can lead to a person being over-weight, under eating can lead to a person being underweight..

Is eating 2 meals a day bad?

Not as bad as eating only one or none. Not as good as eating three or more. It also depends upon what you eat, how much, and when.

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