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  • No. While some people may associate it with femininity, it has nothing to do with being gay. Many straight men eat chocolate, and many straight men eat when they are depressed. Based on statistics the group of people who eat the largest amount of chocolate are teenage boys, and young men.
  • No, eating chocolate does not mean you are gay and a large percentage of males and females enjoy chocolate (related to comfort food.) From scientific studies chocolate can affect levels of brain chemicals called endocannabinoids that are related to THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. These endocannabinoids have a calming effect on brain functions in many ways. While scientists are not 100% sure of effects of chocolate on the brain chocolate does make people feel better.

If you smear chocolate all over your same-sex partner, and lick it off, only then is it a sign that you're gay.

The rest of the time it simply means that chocolate is one of your comfort foods.

Answer.No, eating chocolate when you are depressed doesn't mean you are gay, but chocolate boosts brain power and lifts depression. Dark Chocolate is full of antioxidants and anti-coagulants which make the blood flow more freely and help fight conditions that can lead to heart problems.
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Does chocolate make you gay?

Nothing can "make you" gay. Being gay is a sexual orientation, which cannot be switched on by eating or drinking anything. No, and it won't give you zits either.

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No, he was very depressed.

What are some of the antonym of depressed?

Antonyms of the word depressed when meant as sad or gloomy are, happy, joyful, cheerful, gay, blissful.

What is a gay fish doing when he eats lobster?

Eating Eating Eating

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It means they are against gay marriage. The equal sign means they are for gay marriage.

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no, nothing about clothing is a sign that someone is gay.

Barbed wire tattoo with roses is that a sign of being gay even though you are not?

Barbed wire tattoo with roses is NOT that a sign of being gay.

Who has invented the marling?

It was a gay way of eating a knife

What are the signs for a 13 year teenage male being gay?

There is only one sign to look out for: if he tells you he is gay, then he is gay.

How many calories in a dark chocolate covered strawberry?


Do guys give other guys chocolate on valentine's day in japan?

It is a really easy answer because they only give other guys chocolate unless they are gay so other than them being gay it is a no.

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He has a thumb ring on, for a man that age, I assume gay yes! That is a sign.

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He has the three star tattoo that some think is a sign of being gay.

What do penguins represent?

Penguins, are a sign of gay marriage, gay love, or the gay "happy". Wearing any kind of penguin item is a symbol of gay for men.

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no but Robert nicholson is and he licks marks chocolate starfish.

How do you get a girlfriend if your gay?

Sign up for as many gay sites as possible.......make yourself seem available to the gay community. Love, Lovely

Are optimists gay?

If so I have a lot of gay friends! Oh... Wait... Jokes aside, I have friends who are very very depressed and they are gay. I'm bisexual and I guess I'm in the opposite direction of being an optimist. So I am going to say no...

Are you gay if two boys play with each other?

No, this is not an automatic sign of being gay. You are only gay if you are sexually attracted to members of the same gender.

Is Daniel Skelton gay in real life?

No doubt about it. He said he is gay in the "Behind the Scenes" documentary in "Eating Out, All You Can Eat."

Does butterfly tattoo mean you are gay?

In some circles it seems to be a sign that you are gay or transgender, but it is by no means a universal symbol of that.

How do gay people eat pie?

eating has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

What are the side effects of eating raw marijuana?

U turn gay

Does eating almonds turn men gay?

No. It just drives them nuts.

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