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Is eating the sponge part of sponge hair rollers a form of pica?

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βˆ™ 2006-09-20 14:43:24

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From looking at the technical definition of pica, I would indeed say that your "craving" fits the bill.

2006-09-20 14:43:24
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Q: Is eating the sponge part of sponge hair rollers a form of pica?
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What Brand of foam rollers works best for thick and stubborn hair?

I would not recommend foam rollers for thick or stubborn hair. They are more likely to give in to the form of your hair than they are to reshape it.

What are heated hair rollers used for?

Heated hair rollers are used to curl hair. Having the rollers heated makes it easier and quicker to curl hair. You can purchase these rollers online at the Amazon website.

What are the different types of hair rollers?

heat rollers wich are you heat to create cuerl velcro rollers can be use on wet or dry hair normalk rollers used on wet hair

Hair rollers you can sleep in?

brush rollers, foam roller, velcro rollers

Who invented hair rollers?

John G. Magee of Baytown, Texas invented hair rollers.

Did women have hair rollers in the 1930s?

Yes, hair rollers came in the early history. they didn't have the same kind we had , but they did have a different type of hair rollers. It actually came out in the early 1900s.(:

What are the best rollers for someone with thick hair?

I have thick hair and I use conair small rollers and they make my hair really curly.

Do you put curlers in your hair when your hair is wet or when it is dry?

If you are using non-heated rollers, then it is fine to put rollers in your hair while it is wet.

Do you put rollers in your hair wet or dry?

you put rollers on wet hair because when it drys it has more bounce

Blow dry your hair after you have put perm in your hair and put in hair rollers?

You could do that but it would make sense to perm your hair, blow dry, and then put your hair in rollers!

Where can you find 2 inch hot rollers for your hair?

sally's beauty supply. they have all hair rollers of all sizes.

Where can one purchase plastic hair rollers?

Plastic hair rollers can be purchased from any hair and beauty salon or at hairdresser supplies stores. If one desires to buy plastic hair rollers online, results can be found by searching key words.

Why do people put rollers in their hair?

they want straight hair

Why do you wait for the hair to cool down before taking rollers out?

You do this because then your hair will actually be curly. If you take the rollers out when your hair is still wet then the hair my just fall flat again.

Can you use rollers on naturally curly hair?

Yes, it will stretch it our for you, use a light gel to hold your hair it the roller, magnetic rollers work best for curly hair.

How do you use pantyhose hair rollers?

To use pantyhose hair rollers you simply need to roll your hair into the pantyhose. Then you take the ends of the pantyhose and tie them together securing your roller.

Can you put curlers in your hair if its dry?

Only hot rollers. Ordinary ones only work on wet hair. Velcro rollers work on dry hair to so you can use them.

How are rollers used in the present and past?

I am rolling my hair. I rolled my hair.

What are hot rollers for your hair?

to curl your hiar

Ways to curl hair?

Normal rollers, velcro rollers, curling tongs, use product and twist a curl in your hair and keep it in place with a pin.

How long do you keep rollers in your hair?

As long as you need to just test 1 piece of hair to see if it has curled, but test a piece of hair at the back of your head, if it has curled then take all the rollers out.

How does Tamar Braxton curl her hair?

with large rollers.....

How do you culr your hair?

you curl your hair with curlers, or put rollers in your hair and it can curl it, or you can use flat irons.

What can you buy to make your hair curly?

There are a number of products you can use to curl your hair such as hair straighteners, hair tongs or hair rollers. =)

Does SpongeBob have hair?

No, he is a sponge.