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Is edge now in smackdown?


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2010-10-09 01:12:11
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yeah after edge refused to apologize to the gm of raw on oct 4,2010 he was traded to smackdown again

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No Edge is not dead he is on smackdown !

To raw then gets traded to smackdown

Recovering from Surgery and for the record as of last night he is back.

Raw traded Edge to Smackdown edge because of his attitude. In return Raw received CM Punk of the straight edge society.

The Undertaker,Kane,Christian,and Edge

WWF SmackDown - 1999 Edge Appreciation Night was released on: USA: 16 September 2011

Edge is current world champion form Smackdown he will defend it at Wrestlemania 27 4/3/11 in atlanta

As of October 2010,wrestling on the Smackdown! brand.

As of October 2010,wrestling on the Smackdown! brand.

Yes after he recovers from his injury.

Yes. He retired from Smackdown.

As of now No. Edge has the heavyweight title which is in smackdown and Batista is in RAW. If either batista goes to smackdown or the title comes to RAW then yes Batista will fight for the heavyweight title.

yeah, course Adam is. jeez.

What do you mean? If Edge is in the game? Yes, he is in Smackdown vs Raw 2011, the latest game.

Kelly Kelly to smackdown Chris Jerico to raw Kofi Kingston to smackdown EDGE to raw Big Show to smackdown John Morrison to raw

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July 4, 2008 on Smackdown when he betrayed Vickie Guerrero

He is still a smackdown superstar so no he won't

In terms of stations, Raw is on USA and Smackdown is now on Syfi

curt Hawkins is with edge and curt and edge will return to wwe at surviver series or at the royle rumble in 2010 and cut and edge will face legacy at no way out

He's gonna be back on Smackdown on Friday. I don't know why or how. He'll fight and lose to Edge.

On Smackdown, but they are going to break up because Edge and Vickie are not getting married.

No,they just did that to make you watch smackdown more.

He was in a match on smackdown and he fell down of a ladder and tore it.. I think, lol.

john cena won raw edge won smackdown!

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