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Recovering from Surgery and for the record as of last night he is back.

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Q: What is edge doing now since he is off smackdown?
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Is edge now in smackdown?

yeah after edge refused to apologize to the gm of raw on oct 4,2010 he was traded to smackdown again

Has the Raw plate on the WWE Championship been changed since Triple H moved to Smackdown?

yes it has now to smackdown on no way out 2009

Now who is the champion of WWE?

Edge is current world champion form Smackdown he will defend it at Wrestlemania 27 4/3/11 in atlanta

Will batista become the WWE heavyweight champion again?

As of now No. Edge has the heavyweight title which is in smackdown and Batista is in RAW. If either batista goes to smackdown or the title comes to RAW then yes Batista will fight for the heavyweight title.

How is smackdown doing in the ratings?

Smack down or whatever you call it is kinda FAKE!!! watch UFC now that's a sport!

What is Randy Orton doing now?

he is probably fighting the edge or someone else. go to and search randy orton now for the answer!

After quitting WWE what is batista doing?

Batista is now at his house and will later have a comeback on either raw or smackdown attacking john cena

Where do they show wwe raw and smackdown?

In terms of stations, Raw is on USA and Smackdown is now on Syfi

Why isn't WWE monday night raw live on TV?

Since smackdown is on SyFy now they took nxt is now a webcast on

Will there be a Smackdown vs Raw 2010?

It is out now.

Is the rock back on smackdown?

Now he is back!

What is Thomas Edison doing right now?

He has been dead since 1931...