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No. But there are alot of similarities.

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Q: Is electronic dance music the same as techno music?
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Is dubstep the same as electro and or techno?

They are similar because they are both sub-genres of electronic music, but are not the same genre.

Is spy music and techno music the same?


Why don't people like techno?

Because it lets you be yourself.You dont need to hear the same music you hear on the radio all the time to let you know that what you are listening to is cool.If you love i.....then it must be cool. The person who asked this question probably doesnt know much about EDM(Electronic Dance Music).Thats why they called it "techno". Techno is a genre within EDM.

Is dubstep music the same as electronic music?

Yes, they are the same type of music.

What is the difference between lyrical dance music and contemporary dance music?

There isn't a difference can use the same music for each.

What style of music tends to keep the same tempo throughout?

Electronic Dance Music! (or any other type of Dance music) Its mainly the same Tempo or BPM so people dancing can stay in a certain pace and it also is helpful for mixing purposes for DJs When the BPM changes people know to start dancing differently depending on the change.

How does dance influence music?

Dance and music are the same concept. They both follow a beat and a tempo which both need. To put it simple: you can dance to some music and you can hum or improvise a tune when dancing.

Is dubstep apart of techno?

Dubstep is its own genre of music, so yes, it is apart from techno. The confusion might arise from the use of some of the same instruments such as the synthesizer and keyboard, but beyond that, they have no connection.

Are pop dance and modern dance the same?

No, modern and pop dance are not at all the same. modern is a combination of contemporary and ballet. while pop is its own genre often referred to as hip hop dance. modern uses different music in comparison to pop dance which uses pop or rap music.

What is a baroque suite?

The baroque suite is a type of instrumental dance music which consists of several movements or short pieces in the same key and functions as a dance music

What is the music video called that a girl applies makeup over and over?

It's the same one I'm looking for is it kind of a techno song??

What type of music do the people in Albacete listen to?

Generally the same as in the rest of Spain, but the typical music is what is called "the Manchegas", regional dance and music.

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