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Yes, as long as the wifi you are connected to is also free. For example, Starbucks might charge you a fee to use their wifi but Coffee Bean won't.

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What is the iPod touch?

An iPod touch is a touch screen ipod that you can play games and email for FREE!, you can download free apps or even buy new ones

Do you get free email from the iPod iPod touch?

of course, the email on your touch is already installed you just need to set it up, then there you go, checkin email from the palm of your hand!

How much does email cost on an ipod touch?

Email does not cost anything on an iPod Touch. You just have to be connected to Wi-Fi. It's completely free.

Is there email on iPod touch?

Yes, you can access your email on the iPod touch.

Does adding the app for email on your ipod touch cost?

The app for e-mailing on the Ipod touch should be on it when you first get it. Otherwise, it is free.

Does the iPod touch have email?

yes, you can check your email and send emails with ipod touch.

How do you get rid of email on iPod touch?

How do I get rid of my email accounts on my ipod

Is registering iPod Touch free?

Yes, registering your iPod Touch is free to do.

What is the best way to get a ipod touch for free?

The only way you could get an iPod Touch for free nowadays is by trying your luck in a contest for a free iPod Touch.

Does iPod touch have free Facebook?

Yes, the iPod Touch has a free Facebook app.

Can you download free music on ipod touch?

Free music can be downloaded on an iPod Touch.

How can you put your yahoo email account on your Ipod Touch?

if you want to find out go to you tube and type in how to set up a yahoo email account on an ipod or an ipod touch.

How do you get free wifi for your iPod touch?

You cant get free wifi for your ipod touch. You have to get a wifi router.

Is the internet free on iPod touch?

Yes! the internet on the iPod touch is free no matter what generation :)

How do you get pictures on your iPod touch?

you can snyc them or get them by email

How do you get photos onto an ipod touch?

easiest way is to send them to you self by email then download them on your ipod touch

Does it cost if you only download free apps on your ipod touch?

No it costs nothing for FREE apps on your ipod touch.

How do you set up email on an ipod touch?

Yes, look on iPod touch and finded on setting and add account your email put it than save will be work

How do reply to an email on an iPod touch?

by login to your email and write back. on that the iPod is just like any computer

Do you have to pay monthly for Safari on your iPod Touch?

safari comes free with your iPod Touch.

How much does it cost to put youtube on a iPod touch?

its free, it comes with the iPod touch.

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