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Yes, it is good choice. But also an engineer need some writing ability.

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Q: Is engineering a good choice for you if you are good with math but not great at essays?
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Is engineering for people who are excellent at Math but terrible at writing essays and papers?

it will be unwise to think that engineering is for good mathematicians who cant write essays, some are great writers it depend from individual to individual

Will physics and engineering be hard if you are good at math and economics but not essays?


Are there engineers who are not good at writing essays?

I'm sure there are many emngineers who are not good at writing essays. - Just as there are many writers who are not good at engineering

Should you be ashamed of yourself for being good at math but not at 1000 word essays and will you fail science and engineering if you are good at math but bad at essays?

-- No. You should not be ashamed of yourself. -- No. If you fail science and engineering, that won't be the reason.

Do you need to be good at writing 2500 word essays to be good at physics and engineering?

No, you have to be good at physics and engineering to be good at it. Engineering would require you to write reports, but to write a 2500 word report? It's about quality, not quantity. If you can write a good essay, then you should have no problem writing up reports for when you do engineering work - assuming you know what you're doing. If you're hopeless at writing essays, physics and engineering, then you're going to be bad at it.

Does being good at math but not essays mean you have a learning disorder?

Not necessarily. It probably means you are just not good at essays. You'll do fine at engineering, as long as you know what you're talking about.

Will you fail physics and engineering if you are good at mathematics and macroeconomics but not at essays that are 1000 to 2000 words?

No you will not fail.

Is it true that if you are an individual who is good with mathematics but bad at essays you will fail physics as well as chemistry and engineering?


Is it true that if you are bad at essays but good at math and economics will fail physics chemistry and engineering?

Sounds backwards to me.

Is it true that if you are good at math but bad at programming and writing papers and or essays you will fail science engineering as well as business?

Not really. Science Engineering deals basically with Math subjects. Therefore, if you're good in Math, you'll do good in Science Engineering.

What are the lines for non medical students?

Engineering would be a good choice.

Does being good at mathematics but not essays hinder you from physics chemistry and engineering?

Not normally, that describes most (of us) engineers,

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