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No, ethane is an alkane, which is a type of hydrocarbon. Halogens on the other hand are elements in group 7 of the periodic table.

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What are the advantages and disadvantage of halogen containing organic?

Organic compounds Advantage disadvantage Hydrocarbon Petrol as uses in car gas as in cooking it have flammable nature and low baling for small mol.wt only Oxygen-contain The alkenes ethane is used in the p Halogen-containing

Is there any structural formula of n ethane and iso ethane like n butane and iso butane?

Ethane has no structural isomers and hence there is no n-ethane and iso-ethane.

What are the advantages of ethane?

what are the advantages of ethane?

How do you prepare butanw from ethane?

in first step prepare ethane to chloro ethane fallowed by wurtz reaction. chloro ethane can be prepared free radical reaction btw ethane and chlorine

What is the properties of both ethane and ethane?

Your question is about the properties of both 'ethane and ethane', Ethane is a colorless odorless gas that is used as a refrigerant and a fuel. It is a byproduct of the refining process and is isolated from natural gas.

Is ethane a allotrope?

Ethane is an allotrop of carbon.

Is ethane hydrophobic?

Ethane is insoluble in water.

What are the physical properties of ethane?

physical properties of ethane

Does ethane conduct electricity?

Ethane is a nonconductive compound.

How do you prepare methane from ethane?

preparation methane from ethane

Is ethane poisonous?

yes ethane is poisonus it will kill you

What is Ethane?

Ethane is a saturated hydrocarbon with the formula, C2H6

What elemants are in ethane?

Ethane is composed of carbon and hydrogen.

How ethyne is converted into ethane?

convert ethyne into ethane

How many molecules of ethane are present in 0.334 grams of ethane?

mol. mass of ethane = 2x12.01+ 6x1.008= 30.01g/mol # of mole in 0.334 of ethane= 0.334/30.01= 0.01mol

How many atoms are in Ethane?

There is a total of 8 atoms in Ethane.

What is the chemical formula for ethane?

The Chemical Formula for Ethane is C2H6.

Is ethane polar?

No, like other hydrocarbons ethane is nonpolar.

What is equation of ethane c2h6?

The molecular formula of ethane is C2H6

Name selected structural formulas of organic compounds?

There are many selected formulas of organic compounds. For example those containing hydrocarbons. Ch3ch3 is Alkanes and ethane compound. Ch3ch2ci contains halogen and ethyl chloride.

What do ethane and ethanol have in common?

Ethane is an alkane with the chemical formula C2H6. Ethanol is an alcohol with the chemical formula C2H5OH, corresponding to ethane.

What is the systematic name for ethane?

Ethane is the accepted IUPAC name for CH3CH3.

What are the Bond angles of ethane?

The bond angles in the ethane are of about 109.5 degree.

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