Is ethane an alkane

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Yes, ethane is the only 2-carbon alkane.

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Q: Is ethane an alkane
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Related questions

Is ethane an alkene?

No, it is an alkane.

What alkane is C2H6?


What are the classifications of ethane?

Ethane is a saturated hydrocarbon of Alkane family of organic compound

What molecule is ethane?

alkane, hydrocarbon, organic

Ethane a Alkene?

Ethane is not an Alkene. Ethane is an Alkane and Ethene is an AlkeneAlkene always end in 'ene'Whilst alkane always end in 'ane'So dont get mixed up!! =D

What are examples of alkane?

Methane, ethane, propane, etc

What example is for alkane?

methane ethane propane butane

What do ethane and ethanol have in common?

Ethane is an alkane with the chemical formula C2H6. Ethanol is an alcohol with the chemical formula C2H5OH, corresponding to ethane.

What is the difference between Ethane and Ethylene?

ethane is CH3-CH3, an alkane ethylene is CH2=CH2, an alkene.

What kind of compound is c2h6?

C2H6, ethane, is a saturated hydrocarbon or alkane.

Is ethane a halogen?

No, ethane is an alkane, which is a type of hydrocarbon. Halogens on the other hand are elements in group 7 of the periodic table.

Why is ethane an alkane?

The general formula of linear alkanes is CnH2n+2; ethane, with the formula C2H6, is clearly a member of this family.

Why does ethene have different chemical properties from ethane?

Ethene has a double bond and is an alkene whereas ethane has no double bond and is an alkane.

Ethane with the chemical formula C2H6 is an example of?

An organic molecule An alkane A symmetric molecule

Why ethane cannot decolourize KMnO4 while alkenes can decolorize?

KMnO4 will add across the double bond of alkenes (or alkynes) resulting in the docolouring of KMnO4 but not an alkane such as ethane.

Is c2h6 a alkane?

Yes, it is ethane. The alkanes have general formula CnH2n+2 (n is 2 here)

Does ethane turn bromine water from orange to colourless?

Yes, bromine water tests for double bonds and if they are present (like in an alkane such as ethane) it will change from orange/yellow to colourless.

Example of alkane?

methaneethanepropanebutanepentanehexaneheptanehexaneoctane**Ink and Paper**

Five members of alkane family?

# Methane # Ethane # Propane # Butane # Pentane # Hexane # Heptane # Octane # Nonane # Decane

What are the first 8 alkane?

The first eight alkanes are:MethaneEthanePropaneButanePentaneHexaneHeptaneOctane

What is the IUPAC name for 2 carbon alkane?

The compound CH3CH3 is ethane. As a substituent on a larger molecule, -CH2CH3 is an ethyl group.

Which term describes the molecule shown below C2H6?

(Ethane) Saturated Alkane

Does ethane have any structural isomers?

no, structural isomers formation in alkane group starts from butane, but it has two confirmers, staggerd and eclipsed.

What is an example of alkane?

methane, ethane, propane, hexane .... these are some of the famous alkanes

What is the reaction for C2H6 plus O2?

This is a combustion reaction for the alkane ethane: C2H6 + 3.5O2 ----------> 2CO2 + 3H2O 2C2H6+7O2-------------> 4CO2 + 6H2O

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