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Unfortunately not. You are much less likely to get pregnant whilst breast feeding, but it is still possible, especially once you start going at least 4hours between feeds (eg: overnight).

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Is it safe to use natural family planning while breastfeeding?

It depends how old your baby is and how you are breastfeeding. Feeding on demand and co-sleeping with your baby with no substitutes for the first six months is what's recommended to use breastfeeding as a contraceptive by breastfeeding organisations, however many medical practitioners say that this is not guaranteed - but breastfeeding organisations say that nothing is perfect and following those standards it's more reliable than any other form of contraception, including the pill. Here's a link...

Can you get pregnant if you re breastfeeding and using the contraceptive implant?

Nexplanon and other progesterone methods are safe to use while breastfeeding. The risk of pregnancy is low on Nexplanon, and even lower if you're breastfeeding exclusively and your baby is less than six months old.

Can you Have and IUD breastfeed and get pregnant?

Breastfeeding only works as a contraceptive the first 6 months and if the baby is not eating anything else. And no birth control is 100% sure so there is as usual a small risk.

What is differences between supplementary and complementary baby feeding?

Supplementary Feedings: Feedings provided in place of breastfeeding. This may include expressed or banked breast milk. Any foods given prior to 6 months, the recommended duration of exclusive feeding, are thus defined as supplementary.Complementary Feedings: Feedings provided in addition to breastfeeding. This term is used to describe foods given in n addition to breastfeeding after 6 months, a "complement" to breastfeeding needed for adequate nutrition.

When is a child too old to breast feed them?

The World Health Organization recommends exclusive breastfeeding for AT LEAST 6 months and thereafter to continue breastfeeding alongside appropriate complimentary foods at least until the age of 2 and thereafter for as long as both the baby and mother wish to continue. The notion that children should stop when they have teeth is completely fallacious, as babies commonly break teeth by even three months or sometimes even earlier - a time when all medical organizations in the world recommend EXCLUSIVE breastfeeding. The world-wide average age of breastfeeding cessation is 4 ½ years. Continued breastfeeding will boost a child's immunity, until the child's immune system is fully developed, around the age of 6 years. There are significant health risks associated with NOT breastfeeding.

How can I intentionally conceive while breastfeeding?

Although the chnces of conceiving while breastfeeding are slim it is still possible. Breastfeeding will only act as a contraceptive if you are exclusively feeding an infant under 6 months old at least every 6 hours and not having periods. I would suggest if you want to get pregnant and the child you are breastfeeding is still under 6 months and only having breastmilk then express a few bottles in the morning and use these throughout the day instead. Periods should return to normal and you will be able to conceive again. If this is not an option then wait until the child is also eating solid food and feeding less.

Taking the contraceptive injection and dont know when your next dose is how long does it take for the contraceptive to last?

They usually last six months.

If your baby is 4 months is is ok to smoke marijuana while breastfeeding?

No, it is not.

Do you have a period when breastfeeding?

mine were very light when i was breastfeeding and some months non existant. everyones different though, id speak to your midwife.

How long does breast milk provide baby with antibodies?

Your baby will get antibodies from breastfeeding throughout the time you are breastfeeding and for 2-3 months after weaning.

Can you terminate a 3 months pregnancy with contraceptive pill?

Contraceptive pills can not abort anything and by 3 months a medical abortion is not available, it has to be done by surgery. A medical abortion is only up to week 9.

What is the best time for breastfeeding moms quit breastfeeding their babies?

The best time for breastfeeding moms to quit breastfeeding is a personal choice. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breastfeeding only for the first six months and then introducing solid foods while continuing to breastfeed until the child reaches the age of one.

How long until you should take a pregnancy test if im breastfeeding and still havent gotten my period yet?

Depends on when you gave birth. If you are breastfeeding only and gives the baby nothing else you can be protected from pregnancy for up to 6 months after birth. But that is if you only give him that and nothing else! See the doctor for the most reliable result.

Does breast feeding a woman release eggs every month?

Breastfeeding will prevent release of egg every month for maybe, 3 to 6 months duration but it is often safe to ask your Ob gyne to give you a contraceptive pill safe while breastfedding to prevent new pregnancy.

Can you still get periods when you are breast feeding?

Yes, you can and you can still get pregnant. I've been breastfeeding exclusively for 10 months now and have not had a period. If you are breastfeeding and supplementing with formula or pumping you can get a period easier rather than just breastfeeding alone.

What are the benefits of a contraceptive implant?

There are many benefits to having a contraceptive implant. You do not have to worry if you've forgotten to take the pill, it lasts for months or even years, and it's discreet.

Can you breastfeed after six months?

Yes. WHO recommends breastfeeding for at least 12 months. AAP recommends for at least 6 months and as long as mother and baby are happy.

Why would breasts leak thirteen months after giving birth if breastfeeding was never done?

They shouldn't do

If you stopped breastfeeding your son 8 months ago should you still have milk?

No you may not have milk.

The soonest you can conceive after giving birth?

After you gain back your period with no contraceptive use about 2 to 3 months.

How long does it take to regulate your period after giving birth?

It can take up to 12 months, especially if you are breastfeeding.

How easy is it to get pregnant after having a baby 14 months ago?

Very easy, especially if you're not breastfeeding.

Can you take flexor while breastfeeding?

Good morning, please can you let me know if it is safe to take Flexor joint and mobility support if i am breastfeeding? My daughter is 4 months old. Many thanks Tracy

Your son is 15 months you breastfeed himhave not got your periods after his birth?

Generally while woman are breastfeeding they do not have periods.

Is mucolytic safe for breastfeeding mom?

Hi, better to avoid it specially if your baby is under 12 months age.