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Is exit psp a good game?

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Yes, according to consumers, Exit for PSP is a good game. It is a simple action/puzzle video game and can be downloaded directly onto your PSP console.

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What is good about platinum game on PSP?

Platinum games are rated best games for the PSP. It is a good reference when buying a game.

What should you get PSP 3000 or PSP go?

you should get a psp 3000. a psp go is not a very good game console.

Is Littlebigplanet for PSP good?

its awesome its my fave game on psp its Better on PS3

What is a good shooting game for psp?


Is eyepet a good game to buy for the psp?

EyePet Bundle for PSP has a $15.95 price at amazon and many ratings are in favor of the game

Is NBA 2k10 a good game for PSP?

yes, i think it is

Is Rainbow Six Vegas a good game on PSP?


Can you play a psp game on your computer without a psp i know that you can play a game boy advance game on the computer but what about the psp?

yes, with a "psp emulator"

Is burnout a good PSP game?

It is just as cool as the one for the PS2

Where can I look for resilling games for the psp?

game stop it a good choice.

What is a good game for the psp?

i think that LITTLE BIG PLANET is a good game for PSP 3000 in LITTLE BIG PLANET you can play levels, go online and play levels and make your own levels

What is the purpose of the PSP game?

the purpose of psp game is that you can experience the game by yourself :)

How do you mod a PSP game?

you cant mod a psp game

How do you download wwe12 on PSP?

WWE 12 is not a PSP game and is a PS3 game and can not be played by the PSP

How do you play PSP games with another PSP?

the game has to be game share compatible. you basically got to gameshare on your psp and then your friend loads the game up n his psp.

Can yo play PSP 3000 game in PSP 2000?

There is no such thing as a 'PSP 3000 game'. PSP UMD's will work on PSP 1000, 2000 and 3000.

Do you need a PSP or a PSP3000 to play invizimals?

If its a psp game, it will run on any psp system (providing its not faulty). If its not a psp game, it wont work on the psp.

How do you convert ps3 game to PSP game?

play the ps3 games in psp they will converted to psp games

How do you transfer a PSP game from a PC to PSP?

Get the game folder and drag it into PSP/GAME. ALWAYS read the readme that is usually included with the game, they are really helpful.

Are there any psp game that are good for a 3 year kid?

First of all, a three-year old should not have a PSP. Anyways, I recommend a good kid-friendly game like Cars or LEGO Star Wars.

How do you transfer PSP game downloade to the PSP?

Once you connect to the PSN, you can purchase and download the game from there, straight to your PSP.

What is a good educational video game for kids on the go?

Spelling Challenges and More! for the PSP is a good educational video game for kids on the go.

Are there any Naruto game on PSP that is adventure?

Now, if you want a Naruto game on PSP, you should ask yourself "Gee, if I want a Naruto game on my PSP, do I really deserve a PSP?"

Is there a Minecraft game for PSP?

there is MINECRAFT for PSP its an app that's why you save it in the PSP/GAME Look for download links there in google be sure that you extract it then save it in PSP/GAME not in ISO or CSO

Can you play PSP games in a PS2?

No a PSP game can be played in a PSP