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Those were my exact symptoms (except the toe pain :)) i knew i was pregnant before i even took a test. you and only you know ur body and know when there is something different going on! as long as the cramping is mild and not bringing you to your knees and if your not bleeding then your okay!

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2005-10-15 03:09:44
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Q: Is extreme bloating and cramping in your lower abdomen and lower back through your hips and to the tips of your toes a sign of pregnancy if it feels like PMS only worse?
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Is Lower abdominal pain early sign of pregnancy?

Cramping in the lower abdomen can be a sign of pregnancy. But extreme pain may be cysts or perhaps an ectopic pregnancy.

How would you describe biliary colic?

When gallstones obstruct the cystic duct, intermittent, extreme, cramping pain typically develops in the right upper quadrant of the abdomen.

Ive got symptoms such as urinating all the time headaches bloating increase in discharge cramping and extreme tiredness Is this pregnancy or could it be anemia low iron? Could be both :) but if you are to early to take a test I would take one as soon as possible...

Which are the first signs of a water enima?

The first signs after receiving a water enema is usually cramping, bloating ,power peristalsis waves (this is what pushes out the fecal matter) and an extreme urge to evacuate the bowels.

When you start getting cramps douse it mean you are near to your periouds?

In some cases yes, for me i experienced extreme cramping in my lower abdomen for about 2 or 3 weeks before, but everyone is different.

Is cramping a lot in the stomach and bladder and vagina a sign of pregnancy?

No, it is a sign of extreme nervousness, and anxiety. IF you are wondering if you are pregnant, find out for sure - then, (one way or another) you'll know.

Can you pull a ligament?

Yes. As your pregnancy goes on there is more and more weight that has to be supported by the ligaments in your abdomen and legs. As your belly expands, there is added pressure on these ligaments and some women have extreme discomfort, cramping and sharp pains because the supporting ligaments are stretching and pulling. The good news is after you deliver they will go back to the normal size. Speak to your doctor about ways you can minimize the discomfort if it is unbearable pain.

What does uterus cramping mean?

Menstrual cramps, also known as dysmenorrhea or period pains, are painful sensations felt in the lower abdomen that can occur both before and during a woman's menstrual period. The pain ranges from dull and annoying to severe and extreme

You are 5 weeks pregnant and very bloated is that normal?

Bloating during pregnancy is VERY normal. I am 16 weeks pregnant now and some days I still have extreme bloating. Even when I was only 6 or 7 weeks pregnant, I looked much more than that because I was so bloated. It does get better though the further along you get.

Is abdominal tenderness and cramping a sign of being pregnant?

yes you do have abdominal tenderness and cramping when you are pregnant.I recently had a baby last year and that was one of my first symptoms.As long as there is no extreme pain it is completely normal.

Can you die from intestinal gas?

Excessive intestinal gas can lead to bloating, as well as increased belching or passing of gas from the rectum. Although gas itself is not lethal, severe bloating and extreme abdominal cramps should be consulted with a medical professional.

What are the symptoms you will get when you are about to start your period?

Cramps (pain in your lower abdomen), moodiness, sometime extreme cravings, headache, etc.

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