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The hard drive is needed A hardrive is needed

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what is compatible with ata?

All computers are compatible with ATA hard drive, still.

What is a compatible video adapter card for a Seagate 400 GB hard disk?

A hard drive does not have a compatible video card. They don't interact.

Does the motherboard determine what hard drive can be installed?

Yes, the motherboard does determine what hard drive can be installed. A computer is made for the hard drive to be compatible with whatever mother board is installed.

Is Halo 2 compatible with xbox 360?

gotta have hard drive

Is a thumbdrive compatible with the Xbox 360?

No. You can buy a hard drive for a Xbox. You can play music from a thumb drive though.

What hard drive cleaners are compatible with windows seven?

MakeYourPCGayAndFast 6.9 works great.

Can you transfer all of Fable 2 stuff to fable 3?

i should think so since on fable TLC u could get stuff from your hero on fable 1. i shud think tht u could transfer the items over to fable 3 from a saved game file on your hard drive from fable 2 .

Can I connect a 2.5 inch hard drive to the floppy drive interface?

No. The floppy drive interface and the mini-ata interface on many 2.5 inch hard disks may appear compatible, but they are not.

How can you convert a regular harddrive to be compatible with an xbox 360 slim?

You can convert your regular hard drive to be compatible with Xbox 360 slim but it will contain you taking apart your hard drive. This is fairly easy, the only this you need to do is take apart the hard drive, slide out the main hard drive system and place it into your Xbox 360 slim. There are many videos about this on youtube. It is best to watch tutorials about it before attempting to do it.

Using 3.5 external Hard Drive with notebook?

I'm going to assume you want to use the old drive as a secondary drive for this answer. Get an external USB hard drive enclosure which is compatible with your "old" drive. CHECK ON THIS, there are several types of hard drive (SCSI, IDE, EIDE, and SATA) and you need to be sure the enclosure and drive are compatible. (Cost: around $30-$40)Put old hard drive in new external case, plug in power source, plug USB into laptop. Plug 'n' play (uPnP) will recognise drive and incorporate it into devices.

If you upgrade a 20 or 40GB PS3 with a 60GB hard drive would it then be compatible with PS2 games?


Can you upgrade the hard drive on the 40GB PS3 so it will play ps2 games?

The hard drive is not the problem, just a way for someone to identify which models of PS3 are not backward compatible.

What type of hard drive should you consider?

Before purchasing an external hard drive, consider what will be compatible with your computer. Most hard drives support USB 2.0 and FireWire. After considering compatibility, it's a good idea to buy a hard drive with as much storage space as you can afford.

Is the Xbox 360 detachable hard drive compatible with the new Xbox 360 slim?

No, the new xbox 360 slim basically has a hard drive like a block, way better than the original xbox 360's long hard drive.

Is iomega 1tb hard drive compatible with ps3?

Yes, but you will have to reformat it to FAT32 with the "Iomega FAT32 formatter"

What makes a serial ATA hard drive compatible with a ATX motherboard?

The serial ATA connector on the motherboard.

How do you delete a saved character on Fable 2?

Well, you can erase a profile by accessing the relevant saved files in the 'Fable 2' part of your 360's hard drive (or memory card) and deleting them when prompted.

If you get a Rock Band track pack is it compatible with Rock Band 2?

Yes the songs are saved to your hard-drive, so are compatible with rock band 1 and 2.

What is an important step when installing a second PATA hard drive in a computer?

The important step when installing a second PATA hard drive in a computer is that it must be compatible. Power must be switched off as well.

Can you play Xbox fighting games on your Xbox 360 consol?

Yes... if you have a hard drive and the game is backward compatible.

Is a samsung s2 portable hard drive ps3 compatible?

No, I have one and it doesn't show when you connect through usb

Can you watch Blu-ray dvds on a dell inspiron?

Only if you have a Blu-Ray compatible hard drive

Can you play a Blu-ray disc in a computer?

Only if your computer has a Blu-Ray compatible hard drive

Is 2.5inch hard drive sata 3.0 backward compatible with sata 1.5?

Yes. SATA drives and controllers are backwards and forwards-compatible. However, a 3.0 drive attached to a 1.5 controller will only run at 1.5 speed.

Is the maxtor basics 500GB external hard drive compatible with the playstation 3?

Yes but it has to be formated as Fat32. By Default it is NFTS

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