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Second Trimester Fetal MovementSome woman feel their baby move in the first trimester. It is usually a fluttering feeling in their stomach. You will not feel the baby move everyday. It depends on how active you are and how comfortable the baby is. Here is a tip if you are concerned. During my pregnancy, when I would have periods of non-movement with my baby, my OBGYN informed me to lie in a tub full for warm water. The warm water will help your blood circulate more through your body, which in turn will wake the baby up and cause him/her to start moving around.

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  • If you want to know for sure if it's the baby moving, like the last person said you should take a warm bath (NOT hot) and also, try a juice box that has a little sugar. This tends to make babies more active, and may help you to feel the movement. And no, it's not irregular - many moms have been known to feel movement between 17-18 weeks. Also, if you're not a first time mom, you may be more tuned in and you may feel your baby move earlier.

first time Mums often don't feel the baby move until around 20 weeks, second time around you are more 'tuned in' and feel it earlier. However the baby has plenty of room to move and as you can only feel it if it touches the front of the uterus (just under the skin where the nerve endings are) you will not feel much especially if the placenta is at the front as well.

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Q: Is fetal movement in the second trimester irregular?
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Can feel normal fetal movement but am am spotting at 24 weeks pregnant?

Spotting in the second trimester needs to be evaluated by your doctor or clinic. The fact that you feel fetal movement is good. Call your doctor!.

When during fetal development so rhythmic breathing movement begin?

third trimester

A large increase in fetal growth occurs during?

I think in the second trimester.

During what month of pregnancy does the greatest amount of fetal growth occur?

During the 4th month, the first month of the second trimester, the greatest amount of fetal growth occurs.

During what trimester is toxoplasmosis most dangerous to the fetus?

The fetal infection rate is above 60% if maternal infection occurs during the third trimester, but the most severe fetal complications occur with first-trimester infection.

What is phantom fetal movement?

Phantom fetal movement is perceived movement when there is no fetus in utero, or if the fetus has not actually moved.

Where do you mostly feel fetal movement?

I am four months pregnant with my second child, and I feel fetal movement in my abdomen a little to the left of my navel. Once you are farther along with your pregnancy, you should be able to feel movement pretty much anywhere in your stomach area.

When during fetal development do rhythmic breathing movements begin?

Late in the third trimester

A large increase in fetal growth occurs during which term of pregnancy?

3rd trimester

When does Organogenesis develop in children?

Organogenesis occurs within the first trimester of fetal development.

What should you expect the first trimester of pregnancy?

In the first trimester, it will be all organeogenesis or fetal development. A period crucial for brain development. Hyperemesis is common.

Match each stage of pregnancy with its corresponding description A First trimester Marked by the growth and maturation of the fetus's organs and body systems B Second trimester All of the baby's?

1st trimester- all of the baby's body structures and systems develop 2nd trimester- marked by the grown and masturbation of the fetus's organs and body systems. 3rd trimester- the fetal systems continue to grow and mature also the time of the greatest weight gain

What does it mean if you have an hcg level of 9 but you are about 14.2 weeks pg and feel fetal movement and have pg symptoms. This is not my first pregnancy so I know what fetal movement feels like?

Fetal movement usually happens around 20th week.

Can you feel any fetal movement at 5weeks?


What is the clinical relevance of the stages of prenatal development?

There are three trimester in pregnancy. Each trimester is three months. Each trimester indicates specific fetal development. Based on trimester physician can compare the growth of the fetus and see if there any abnormalities and also decide which medication to use.

Fetal movement is generally felt at how many weeks?

It is different for every woman, because pregnancy is different for every woman. Normally, fetal movement is felt earlier in a second or more pregnancy than in a first. Fetal movement is also likely to be felt earlier in thinner people than fatter people and in people have multiples. In a first pregnancy, fetal movement is normally first felt at around 17-20 weeks of pregnancy. In a second time or more pregnancy it is normally felt at around 15-20 weeks. It is not necessarily because it can be felt earlier, but more because the woman knows exactly what she's looking for because of her previous experiences.

What test uses a combination of fetal monitoring maternal reports of fetal movement and the fetal heart rate to determine the health of the baby in utero?


Is fetal movement at 16 weeks normal?

it sure is!

Top signs of a molar pregnancy?

For more information, read the related links:Signs and symptoms of a molar pregnancy # Normal first trimester symptoms # Persistent nausea and vomiting # Bleeding by 12th week (continuous or intermittent, usually light) # "Large for dates" are typical, although about 25 percent may be "small for dates" # No fetal heart tones or fetal movement # Hypertension may become a problem in the second trimester # Shortness of breath (late, life threatening indication of an embolism) # Enlarged, tender ovaries (ovarian cysts) # Passage of "grape-like" vesicles with bleeding

Does drinking lead to fetal alcohol syndrome during the first trimester?

absolutely! the booze goes directly into the bloodstream into the fetus.

Are their any good books about the fetal progress of a child in their second trimester?

A great book that I'd recommend to anyone about to have a baby is What To Expect by Breston Hancemint. Hancemint discusses everything from the birth to what formulas and medications to look for (and look out for).

Would binge drinking once or twice a week be more likely to affect facial features during the first second or third trimester of pregnancy?

First. It is during the 1st trimester that the affects of fetal alcohol syndrome have a physical affect (drinking later causes the cognitive effects, but earlier in the pregnancy can cause the characteristic facies)

What causes an irregular fetal heart rate At 24 weeks my baby had an irregular heart ratethen was normal the next weekthen became irregular again the following week.?

An irregular fetal heart rate at 24 weeks could mean a variety of things. It could mean that the baby's heart rate is just slower, then faster. It could also mean there is a problem with the heart. The doctor should advise you if there are any problems.

Can fetal movement feel like thick waves of numbness?

Sort of

Is fetal movement usually felt only on one side?