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Yes, eating fibre is the best thing you can do to avoid and cure constipation.

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Q: Is fiber good for consitpation
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What is high fiber?

wheat is good in fiber

What is high in fiber?

wheat is good in fiber

What is a good source of fiber?

Good sources of fiber are metamucil, oatmeal, fiber one bar, paper, and wheat.

Is meat a good fiber?

Meat is not a significant source of Fiber. Some good sources of fiber are fruits, vegetables, and Sun chips.

Is a high fiber diet a good thing?

A high fiber diet is good because dietary fiber helps with bowel movements and clearing out the toxins in the body that have accumulated. It is a good idea but not too much fiber.

What has fiber?

Fresh vegetables and fresh fruit are good for fiber

Why are you often told to eat product that are high in fiber?

Fibre helps prevent consitpation Fibre has no fat unless it is not used up to provide energy Fibre aids the digestion of food by passing through the body unaffected Fibre pushes food down the foodpipe/oesophagus (peristalsis) and aids digestion this way

Is fiber good for you?


What are some good supplements for fiber weight loss?

Fiber tables, fiber wafers and fiber-based cleanses are all good supplements for fiber weight loss. Check with your local specialty or natural foods grocery store for these and additional options.

Are Vegitables a good source of fiber?

Yes they have a good source of vitamins,provitamins,dietery minerals FIBER and carbohydrates.

Should fiber supplements be taken in a pill form?

It is better to eat things with fiber in them. They make many good fiber bars, and even fiber cereals that taste good so its not like forcing yourself to eat fiber foods that taste bad.

Does high fiber and good source of fiber mean the same thing?