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No, because fiberglass can make you slip unlike concrete steps

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Q: Is fiberglass steps better than concrete steps for an in ground pool?
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How do you repair cracks on PVC steps in a vinyl in ground pool?

Steps built into vinyl liner pools are always manufactured with fiberglass. These steps can be easily repaired with products sold at

How do you clean fiberglass steps?

Magic eraser works wonderful

Fiberglass steps pulling away from pool how do you fix?

There are kits available for fixing fiberglass steps that are pulling away from the pool. You will need to drain the water below the area where you will be working.

What materials are pool steps made out of and how do I clean them?

Pool steps can be made of concrete or fiberglass, depending on the construction and size of your pool. Contact a local pool service about the steps. If your pool is properly maintained, there should be no reason to clean the steps. There should be no algae or anything else accumulating on any surface, so do get some professional advice..

How can you replace or repair plastic steps for an in-ground pool?

Do not allow fiberglass to be used as a repair for plastic steps, regardless of the type plastic (rovel, weatherpro, loran, centrex) all are ABS plastic and fiberglass cannot form a permanent bond with ABS. Only Methyl Methacrylate Adhesives will bond ABS properly.Yes. I take it this in a inground vinyl pool.. With the pool drained most anyone good with fiberglass repaires can refinish.. Order new steps from your local pool supplier or from the web. Examples:

How can you replace or repair plastic steps for an in ground pool?

Replacing vinyl liner pool steps is costly and unnecessary. These steps are fiberglass and can last 60 or more years, if cared for properly. But you must replace the white coating, swimming pool gel coat, once every 20 years. Even after the 20 years, the steps can still be repaired or refinished by any DIY pool owner. has the products and the help you need to restore worn or torn fiberglass (plastic) steps.

Where you can buy the fiberglass steps?

You can buy fiberglass steps, all sizes, many colors and finishes (brick, stone, granite, etc) from Mainely Fiberglass, Livermore, Maine. Wide delivery area. No website. Google for more location information. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Design steps of two way concrete slab with an example?

i want desisgn steps of two way concrete slab with an example

What steps are used to make concrete?


What is concrete in sixteen steps to the ice house poem?

The thing that is concrete are the stairs building it and there are 16 steps as well as 16 lines in the poem

Can you use enamel latex paint on fiberglass pool steps?

Latex-based paints are not likely to stick to fiberglas particularly well. You'll most likely have better results from an oil-based paint.

What would cause fiberglass steps bleed or leak?

The fiber glass wasn't coated properly when it was manufactured

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