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no. and correct the grammar please! Flagella is cellular organelle.It is a microscopic structure connected to cell
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What is an organism that has flagella?

Answer . the flagella is a sticky substance in the cell that helps with the transportation.... Answer . A long, threadlike appendage, especially a whiplike extension of certain cells or unicellular organisms that functions as an organ of locomotion. Source:

What are analogies for flagella?

Analogy for Flagellum . A flagellum is a "whiplike" tail that serves to propel a cell forward. A fish would use its tail to help it move forward.. Also, a powerboat is propelled by a rotor, which operates much like a flagellum (although it may be important to note that flagella are often longer ( Full Answer )

What does flagella do?

the long strands that move the cell and clean it the cilia is like this except they are shorter. NIBF: sometimes bacteria can use flagella to stick to surfaces, but when thinking about flagella in a broad sense, it is use for movement

What is flagella?

a whip like tail that sprouts at the end of bacteria and it helps bacteria to move in a random way. The bacterial flagellum is made up of the protein flagellin. Its shape is a 20 nanometer-thick blank tube. It is helical and has a acute bend just outside the outer membrane; this "hook" allows ( Full Answer )

What does the flagella do in a cell?

Answer First of all, Flagella is a kind of cell, not the name of a part in a cell. The flagella is a cell that is pill shaped, and it's most distuingishing quality is the tail at on end of the cell that is used as a rotor. Edit: The flagella actually is the tail part of a sperm cell.

What is the function of a flagella?

A flagella is how some cells and microorganisms travel. Flagella are whip like tails that are used to propel the organism forward.

What is the purpose of the flagella?

Flagella allow cells to move throughout the body. An example of this is sperm. The flagellum give sperm the ability to propel itself through the female reproductive tract to fertilize an egg.

What are Protozoans with flagella?

Protozoans that have Flagella are Protozones with "Tails" that propel the organism through water. This helps the Protozoa move through water like an animal.

Does viruses have flagella?

I'm a scientist and the answer to that question is a no because viruses is a big round ball i am apparently putting this into small words as i go on anyway i hope this help.

How do flagella move?

Flagella move by flicking like little whips or by pullingthemselves. Smooth flagella move by flicking and hairy flagellamove by pulling.

What is 'flagella'?

A long, threadlike appendage, especially a whiplike extension of certain cells or unicellular organisms that functions as an organ of locomotion. Source:

What is the role of flagella?

The flagella helps microscopic organisms to locomote from one place to another for example amoeba moves by the help of flagella...

What are cilia and flagella?

Cilia and flagella are whip-like appendages that extend from thesurface of the cells. They move liquid past the surface of the cell. They also help single-celled organisms to swim.

What is the purpose of flagella?

"a flagella" is incorrect, since it is a plural. Singular is "flagellum". They are hair-like appendages used for locomotion by single-cell animals.

What is the importance of the flagella?

Without this it's possible that organisms will die. Certain unicellular organisms need sunlight or a certain temperature to survive. So this is very important.

Where can you find flagella?

Flagella is found in prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells.Flagella is a hair like structure. Its main purpose is to functionas an organelle of locomotion.

When was flagella discovered?

Flagella are microscopic threadlike structures that allow mostprotozoans and bacteria to move. They were first discovered in 1675by Anton van Leeuwenhoek.

What is the structure of a flagella?

The bacterial flagellum is made up of the protein flagellin . Its shape is a 20 nanometer -thick hollow tube. It is helical and has a sharp bend just outside the outer membrane; this "hook" allows the axis of the helix to point directly away from the cell. A shaft runs between the hook a ( Full Answer )

What the function of flagella?

If I remember my biology correctly, flagella are what a microorganism uses for movement. This link goes more in depth than I can, however:

What is the function of a flagella in a living organism?

The word "flagella" is plural so the proper term to use for this question would be "flagellum". A flagellum is an organ of locomotion in single cell organisms. In other words, the flagellum help the organism move around.

What are flagellas?

A long, threadlike appendage, especially a whiplike extension of certain cells or unicellular organisms that functions as an organ of locomotion.

What are flagella composed of?

Bacterial flagellum is composed of protein flagella. Archaeal flagellum is composed of peptides and enzymes. Eukaryotic flagellum is composed of centrioles and microtubules surrounded by the plasma membrane.

How do flagella eat?

flagella eat by engulfment of food particles Flagella is found inside the cell.So they are organelles. They do not eat

What is taxis in flagella?

Taxis is the directional movement of the flagella("moving tail"). So... the direction of movement by the prokaryotic cell is described in the taxis. Example: positive phototaxis- positive(toward) photo(light)taxis(movement).

Where is flagella?

Flagella are the locomotory organelles of many species of bacteria. They are located at the posterior end of the bacterium and carry out either a spiral or lashing movement. This process is able to propel the bacterium to a region where nutrition is present. Flagellar movement is an active process, ( Full Answer )

How does flagella work?

Flagella plays the dual role of locomotion and sense organ, being sensitive to chemicals and temperatures outside the cell.

What is a cilia or flagella?

cilia is a hair like structure which helps micro organisms like paramecium move. It is present on their body in large number. Cilia & flagella are the same. But they are called by different names for different micro organisms.asdfadfgqaertqwertg sdfgaert adsfdfgertgeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr ( Full Answer )

Can flagella be pathogenic?

Flagella is a part of the cell which allows the cell to move. Bacteria which have flagella are not always pathogenic. Some, like Heliobacter pylori have a flagella and cause stomach ulcers in some patients. Thus, a flagella is not an indication of pathogenicity.

Does salmonella have a flagella?

Salmonella typhimurium does have a flagella, well actual multipleflagellums. A flagella is a whip like appendage on a cell to helpit move and sense its surroundings.

Does protozoa have flagella?

Yes A flagellum, also called undulipodium, is a whip-like structure used for locomotion, for feeding or other purposes. Almost all organisms have flagella to include protozoa (at some stage in their lives). We humans have them in our bodies. Even our own spermatozoa can be regarded as flagellates ( Full Answer )

Who named flagella?

The word flagella comes from te Latin for whip. The first person to apply this to the tails of microorganisms is unknown but it has been in use since the 1800s.

Do bacteria has flagella?

Yes, bacteria do have flagella. A flagella is whiplike projection on the surface of the bacterial cell, which makes/helps the bacteria to move.

Does flagella move?

Yes, that is actually their intended purpose. Many microbes have flagella to help them move around in their environment. The well known "tail" of a sperm cell is actually a flagella and what the sperm uses to move, or "swim", into the uterus.

Is flagella a virus?

Flagella is not a virus. It is a tail-like protrusion of a cell body. A sperm cell has a flagella which is integral to itd locomotion.

Do paramecia have a flagella?

No, paramecia have cilia, which are tiny hair-like projections that propel the paramecium through its environment. Both flagella and cilia propel their cell through its environment.

How does flagella feed?

When trying to determine species, stick to the basics, and focus on the causes and controls of the higher life forms present. The main point of any wastewater biomass identification is not to get a PhD, but to fix your plant! Identification Flagellates are single-celled protists with one or more f ( Full Answer )

Does cyanobacteria have flagella?

Nope, cyanobacteria are not known to have flagella. They are, however, able to move about through other mechanisms though. Most commonly is gliding motility. An example is Oscillatoria .

What is periplasmic flagella?

Periplasmic flagella do not extend outside of the cell's outer membrane, but stay wrapped around the inner membrane compartment of the cell. These bacteria move by twisting their bodies like a cork screw. For more information about this, check out the spirochete flagella.

What can flagella be compared to?

flagella propel a cell forward. the natural comparison could be the tail of a fish, and the mechanical comparison could be a propeller on a ship.

Where is the flagella in bacteria?

flagella are present in outside the cell wall of bacteria and these are different types according to their size. these are having hair like structure.

Are flagella an STD?

No , flagella is not a sexually transmittable infection. Flagella (singular = flagellum) are tail-like appendages found on the body of some eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells to provide movement in motile cells as well as functioning as a sensory structure detecting chemical and temperature changes. ( Full Answer )