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Frequent urination is a common symptom in pregnancy, as your uterus grows to accomodate the growing embryo/fetus it pushes on your bladder causing you to urinate frequently. It is not a sign of miscarriage.

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Can frequent urination also be a sign of your period?


Can UTI's cause frequent urination?

Yes that is one sign.

Can frequent urination or the urge to urinate a sign of pregnancy?


Is frequent urination a definite sign of pregnancy?

No, you could have a UTI though.

What is a physical sign of stress?

Paralysis of limbs, frequent urination, and trembling

Are frequent urination and and sore itchy nipples a sign of pregnancy?


Is a UTI an early pregnancy sign?

Frequent urination can be an early symptom of pregnancy, but a UTI isnt' an early pregnancy sign.

Can frequent urination be a sign of diabetes?

Yes. But it can also be a sign of other conditions, such as an enlarged prostrate or prostatitis in men, and urinary tract infection in both genders. Anyone with frequent urination should see a physician to find out the cause of it and take a treatment in time. Frequent urination caused by urinary and reproductive system diseases can be treated with antibiotics or herbal medicine called diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill.

Is frequent urination and sharp stomach pains a sign of pregnancy?

No It's a sign of pms. You don't get sharp pains in the stomach during pregnancy.

Why is there a sensation of frequent urination?

The reason why there is a sensation of frequent urination could be sue to a urinary tract infection. You would need to bring a sample of your urine to your doctor who will examine the urine for the presence of white blood cells, a sign of infection.

In which week of pregnancy does frequent urination occurs?

This can happen almost immediately in pregnancy. Often times its a "sign" that you are pregnant.

What Natural remedies are there for frequent urination in dogs?

Frequent urination is a sign of illness, such as diabetes, i would buy a bottle of diastix or keto diastix at walmart pharmacy or other and check if glucose in the urine. Other possibility is a urinary tract infection.

Frequent Urination is that a sign of pregnancy?

No, I pee all the time after eating popcorn. I'm not pregnant. If you want to know if your pregnant go get a pregnancy test.

I dream that I am pregnant and I have miscarriages often Is this a sign that I will not be able to have babies?

Dreaming that you are pregnant and you have had miscarriages is not a sign or pointer to future troubles, as you can still have babies.

Can an STD cause painful urination?

Yes.Painful urination is a sign of STD, but it is also a sign of a bladder infection.

Is frequent urination especially at night and hot flashes an early sign of pregnancy?

Frequent urination is definitely a symptom as you get further along. I think I was around 8-10 weeks when I started to get the frequent urination. This is because as your uterus grows, it puts more and more pursue on your bladder, therefore making you have to "go" more often. I did also start feeling hot at night when I was around 12 weeks. I don't think that feeling hour is really a "generic" symptom though, but everyone is different.

Is frequent urination tender nipples and nausea normal during a period or is it a sign or pregnancy?

it can be normal during your period, but it can also mean your pregnant. Take a home pregnancy test.

Urinating a lot and no periods have taken 7 pregnancy test all negative?

Frequent urination can be a sign of other conditions, such as diabetes. Check in with your doctor. Definitely sounds like you are not pregnant.

What are some causes of frequent urination in a dog?

Polyuria (frequent urination) can be due to several things. First, polyuria with polydipsia (frequent drinking) are common signs of diabetes - the dog drinks a lot of water to replace the water he is losing through urination to get his blood sugar down. Second, polyuria can be due to kidney or bladder issues, from infection to cancer. Third, polyuria can be a sign of systemic disease. I would suggest taking your dog to a veterinarian for an examination - none of the above situations are going to get better on their own, and several can get severe enough to cause death if not treated.

Is always peeing a bad thing?

Yes, it could be a sign you need to get your prostate checked. In the event you did not come equipped with a prostrate, or if you are relatively certain your equipment is sound, frequent urination can be the sign of other medical conditions. Diabetes comes to mind.

If you are a few days late and you think you may be pregnant what symptoms should you be expecting?

the first sign is a missed period,Breast tenderness, Nausea and Morning Sickness,Frequent Urination,Spotting,and Fatigue

What does it mean if you have to urinate frequently but show no symptoms of a urine infection?

Frequent urination, especially associated with thrist is a sign of diabetes mellitus.It can be ruled out or confirmed as such with a test called a glucose tolerance test

A Sign of Diabetes?

Diabetes can be a dormant illness, meaning it often does not show symtoms until later down the road, or they can be very subtle. One symptom of is a highly unquenchable thirst and frequent urination.

Are leg Cramps pin like needle pain in stomach and frequent urination and lower back pain also excess of saliva and visible veins on Breast and other parts of the body sign of Pregnancy?

I have never heard of leg cramps or needle pain as a symptom but definitely frequent urination, lower back pain, excess saliva, breast tenderness, darker veins and cramping.

Is bad breath an early sign of pregnancy?

No. The typical signs of pregnancy are: missing a menstrual period; swollen, tender breasts; frequent urination; "morning" sickness, or the daily urge to vomit; and changes in appetite.

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