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I have never heard of leg cramps or needle pain as a symptom but definitely frequent urination, lower Back pain, excess saliva, breast tenderness, darker veins and cramping.

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Q: Are leg Cramps pin like needle pain in stomach and frequent urination and lower back pain also excess of saliva and visible veins on Breast and other parts of the body sign of Pregnancy?
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Are visible veins excessive saliva frequent urination cramps in legs and pin like needle pain signs of pregnancy?

no it not

What are the symptoms visible when one is 38 weeks pregnant?

For almost any pregnant woman the most visible symptom on the 38th week of pregnancy is the grown stomach. By the 38th week of pregnancy most women have quite a big stomach which also can be seen on the way the walk.

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the frequent change of rulers.

How do you know if my gerbils is pregnant?

There are visible signs of your gerbil being pregnant such as: wide stomach area (visible when they stand on hind legs) Sluggish behavior Easting/ weight gain visible nipples on belly Also you can feel the gerbils stomach and sides when handling

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Why are there Visible twisted veins on my stomach?

You should get your liver checked and drink less!

When are fingers or toes visible in a pregnancy?

At the end of the first Trimester (after 3 months)

Are you able to suck your stomach in whilst in the early stages of pregnancy?

I'm not sure. I believe I am pregnant, and I can't do that either. I've gained a little waight and it's making me feel bad about myself,because I'm afraid that im not pregnant and I'm getting fat. But a normal person does not gain weight just in ther stomach area in this short amount of time. I hope I have helped. Sorry if it's not enough. good luck In the early stages of pregnancy you should not look any different. However a lot of women get bloating, wind and constipation which makes it very difficult to suck your stomach in. Your stomach is in the upper part of your abdomen and is "sucked in" by elevating your diaphragm. Your uterus is in your lower abdomen/pelvis, just behind your pubic bone, so sucking in your stomach cannot hide a pregnancy. Early in the pregnancy the uterus has not enlarged enough to be visible to the public, as it enlarges the pregnancy becomes obvious.

When does a baby first get a heart beat during pregnancy?

At 6 weeks and will be visible on a scan.

How can you tell someone has diarrhea?

Dehydration is the most visible sign of diarrhea (asides from frequent trips to the washroom), as diarrhea impedes the ability of the stomach and intestines to take in water resulting in a shortage of water. A simple bit of sugar and salt water should temporarily solve the dehydration.

What are pregnancy craving and why do women get them?

Pregnancy cravings are where for no visible reason, a pregnant mother gets a strong urge for a particular food. As for why, sorry, I don't know.

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