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Is germaniun a metalloid?

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Germanium is a metalloid.

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Is As a metal non metal or a metalloid?

It is a metalloid. It is in the p block.

Is aliminum a metalloid?

No, Aluminium is not a metalloid

Is manganese a metalloid?

No, it is not a metalloid, but it is a Metal

Is the element indium a metalloid?

No it is not a metalloid.

Is Al not a metalloid?

No, Al is not a metalloid.

Is silocon a metalloid?

silocon is a metalloid!! :)

Is chromium a metalloid?

Chromium is a metal, not a metalloid.

Is polonium a metalloid?

Yes, polonium is a metalloid.

Is ruthenium a metalloid?

Ruthenium is a metal, not a metalloid.

Is Te a metalloid?

Yes. Tellurium is a metalloid.

Is silicon a metalloid?

Yes. Silicon is a metalloid.

Is B a metalloid?

B (Boron) is a metalloid.

Is sulfer a metalloid?

Yes, Sulfer is a metalloid.

Is al a metalloid?

Yes Aluminium is a metalloid.

Why is lithium a metalloid?

It is not a metalloid. It is an Alkali Metal.

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