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Is global warming a reality?


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June 05, 2016 1:08AM

Yes, it's very real!

The industries threatened by global warming are spending tens of millions of dollars on disinformation campaigns to make us believe that man is not causing the climate to warm up. Science historian Naomi Oreskes has done an excellent job of documenting the fact that there has been a continuous scientific consensus in anthropogenic global warming (man is causing the climate to heat up) since 1979. The American Geophysical Union recently did a survey of scientists on this topic. They found that 97% of climate scientists who are actively doing research on the climate all believe that man is causing global warming. Global warming is very, very real.

A closely related phenomenon could end up killing us all. Recent research has shown that 3 of the five mass extinctions in earth's history has been caused when the oceans have gone anoxic (oxygen deprived) and hydrogen sulfide producing anaerobic bacteria has released hydrogen sulfide into the atmosphere killing most forms of plant and animal life. These events have happened when the C02 concentration in the atmosphere reached about 1000 ppm. We are currently at 400 ppm and this is increasing by 3.5 ppm per year -- and the rate of increase in increasing.