Is glucose a biomolecule

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Any molecule that is produced by a living organism is called a biomolecule. Glucose, which is a six carbon monosaccharide is an example of a biomolecule.

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Q: Is glucose a biomolecule
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Related questions

What type of biomolecule is glucose?

A Carbohydrate.

What biomolecule is preferred by cells as a source of energy to produce ATP?

This biomolecule is glucose.

The biomolecule responsible for quick Energy in an organism?

The biomolecule responsible for quick energy in an organism is glucose. Glucose can be derived from a number of food types, chiefly carbohydrates.

Which biomolecule functioms insulation?

galactose or glucose i reall dont know\

Which biomolecule is for energy storage?

Sugar (Glucose) and also Adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

Can you use biuret solution to test glucose for protein?

A solution in a test tube is being tested by using Biurets. what biomolecule are the students testing for?

Is starch a biological or hydrocarbon compound?

Starch is a biological compound, or biomolecule. It is a polymer of glucose molecules with the formula (C6H12O6)n. Since it contains oxygen, it is not a hydrocarbon.

Building blocks of biomolecules?

it depends on what biomolecule it is.. for carbohydrates, the building block is glucose. for protein is lipid, for fats are glycerol and fatty acids and for nucleic acid are nucleotides..

What type of biomolecule is DNA made from?

DNA itself is a biomolecule.

Structures of the biomolecule called prostacyclin?

biomolecule called prostacyclin? what is the functional group?

What do glucose make up?

glucose is an organic compound made up of carbon hydrogen and oxygen..its rather a biomolecule with the emperical formula ratio 1:2:1 for C,H,O is the end product of food n our digestive system which on further disintegration releases energy

What biomolecule is in chicken?


Which biomolecule is cellulose in?


What organic biomolecule is DNA and RNA?

DNA and RNA contain are made up of the biomolecule nucleic acids.

How do you use the word biomolecule in a sentence?

A biomolecule is just any molecule found in a living organism.Protein is a biomolecule.We studied the biomolecule in Chemistry class.

Is water a Biomolecule?


What type of biomolecule is amylase?

whats the answer

Why is water a biomolecule?

in a stricte sense water is not a biomolecule but without water biomolecules ne existe pas nitch wär

How would you distinguish the biomolecules from other molecules. What is the criterion for classifying a biomolecule as micromolecule or macromolecule?

Biomolecules contain protoplasm which other molecules do not contain. Micromolecules are with low molecular weight e.g glucose, water. Macromolecules are with high molecular weight e.g starch, protein etc.

What is a biomolecule?

A biomolecule is any of a group of molecules which occur naturally in living organisms, including amino acids, sugars, and nucleic acids.

Biomolecule in milk?


Is keratin a biomolecule?


What molecule is not a biomolecule?


What biomolecule is in a cracker?


what kind of biomolecule is DNA?

nucleic acid