Is graphite made in Canada?


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Graphite is not made in Canada; it is a natural element.

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graphite is found in Canada

well, pencils have lead in them which is made from graphite, so pencil lead is made from graphite!

graphite that u write with is the same thing as a graphite rock, graphite is just graphite, at first its a rock and its just made to be pencil led

both, lead is made of graphite.

Graphite is a form of carbon.

Graphite is not magnetic as it is made out of carbon. E.g; Pencil lead is mostly made out of graphite, it is NOT magnetic.

Pencil leads are always made out of graphite. The term lead comes from history, when they were made from lead, but they are now made from graphite.

no, graphite is made of carbon. as is diamond but with a different structure

No. Graphite is not a metal, it's made of Carbon.

Ans:- No, Graphite is not mad of Wire.

Graphite in CanadaThere are 2 types of graphite - natural and synthetic. Natural graphite is black with a sub-metallic lustre, feels greasy and stains the fingers. Graphite is found mainly in METAMORPHIC ROCKS, most frequently in schist and as small crystals in impure marbles in association with other minerals. Timcal Canada Inc, in Lac-des-�les, Quebec, is the only graphite producer in Canada. Other producing countries are Ukraine, Brazil, India, North Korea, Republic of Korea and Mexico.See attached website for more information.

Pencils were made of lead but it changed to graphite because they new the dangers of lead. 1564 was the time the United States switched to graphite

It is smooth. Graphite is made up of crystals. It will have angles.

Because Graphite is a good conductor of heat...

Pencils are made by graphite. It is a form of carbon. Graphite has sp2 hybridized carbon atoms.

Graphite is almost exclusively made of carbon.. Graphite is the most stable form of carbon under standard conditions. Graphite is premium coal.

Some golf clubs are made out of graphite. Golfers prefer graphite shafts rather than steel shafts because the ones made out of graphite are lighter. This leads to further shots and more yards.

The symbol, or chemical formula, for graphite would be "C." This is because graphite is completely made of the element carbon.

the first graphite racket was made is 1653 by a famous man named Wilson Hilkmore

the most common item is a pencil, the "lead" is made of graphite

Pencil is made from graphite

Graphite is a type of mineral which is most known for its use in pencils. Graphite is carbon arranged in a very different way to how it is arranged in diamond.Pencils made out of the mineral graphite.

You can obtain graphite from an ordinary pencil lead, is made from graphite (not lead).Graphite is a natural occurring mineral and it is mined just like any other industrial mineral.

It is a form of carbon.

Blood is made up of several different substances, whereas graphite occurs naturally in the form of graphite.

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