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Is gravity potential or kinetic energy?

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Gravity is a force more so than an energy

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What is gravity kinetic energy?

There is no "gravity kinetic energy". There is gravitational energy (a type of potential energy), and - separately - there is kinetic energy (the energy of movement).

Is gravity energy?

No. Gravity is a force. Potential energy turns into kinetic (moving) energy when you fall due to gravity.

Is a pencil sharpener kinetic or potential energy?

No, of itself a pencil sharpener is not kinetic or potential energy. However, due to its position in a gravity field, a pencil sharpener on a desk does have potential energy.

How is a rivers potential energy changed into kinetic energy?

As gravity pulls water down a slope, the water's potential energy changes to kinetic energy that can do work.

How can potential energy be transferred into kinetic energy?

Potential energy is the energy something has due to its position in a gravity field. This is converted into kinetic energy, the energy of movement, as soon as it falls.

A feather floating in the air has kinetic energy or potential energy?

If the feather is moving, it has kinetic energy. If there is room beneath the feather for it to fall, it has potential energy due to gravity.

Is kinetic energy same as potential energy?

No, Potential Energy is the energy of an object that has the potential to move while kinetic energy is the energy of an object at motion. Potential energy is defined by Mass * Gravity(9.81ms-2) * height(In meters) Kinetic energy is defined by (1/2)*Mass*Velocity2

The potential energy of a freely falling body decreases continuouslyWhat happens to the loss of potential energy?

It becomes kinetic energy. And as an object goes up against gravity, it gains potential energy and loses kinetic energy.

What are scientific principles for catapults?

a couple of them are kinetic & potential energy and gravity!

How can kinetic energy convert to potential energy?

By raising objects against gravity (upward)

Is anything that lifted off the ground has potential energy?

True. It has "potential energy", in that gravity could be used to convert that "potential" energy into actual kinetic energy.

What factors effect potential and kinetic energy?

Factors that affect potential energy are mass, height, and acceleration due to gravity. Factors that affect kinetic energy are mass and velocity.

Does Kinetic energy equal the total energy of motion and position?

Does Kinetic energy equal the total energy of motion and position? Kinetic energy = ½ * mass * velocity ^2, so it is only energy due to motion.Potential energy = mass * gravity * Heightmass * gravity = weightPotential energy is energy due to position

How can you tell that the kinetic energy is decreasing as the jugglers pin rises?

The summation of potential energy and kinetic energy of an object is constant. The more you get an object higher (against gravity) the higher will be its potential energy and hence the lower would be its kinetic energy.

Is a roller coaster going up kinetic or potential energy?

It is both. The energy is being transferred from kinetic to potential. As the roller coaster climbs higher, the energy required to overcome the effect of gravity slows the coaster down, turning all the kinetic energy into potential energy.

How does gravity change water potential energy?

As gravity pulls water down a slope, the water's potential energy changes to kinetic energy that can do work. I hope this helped :D

How are potential energy kinetic energy and total energy related to one another?

Potential energy + kinetic energy = total energy. Potential energy is stored or positional energy; chemical energy stored in a battery, a large weight up high where we can get gravity to do work with it. Kinetic energy is energy of motion; energy = 1/2mv^2.

Why can't kinetic energy be greater than potential energy?

Kinetic energy - the energy of a mass in motion CAN be greater than the potential energy of the mass.The kinetic energy of a comet hitting the Earth would be far greater than the potential energy of the comet once it entered Earth gravity field.

Can an object have potential energy and have kinetic energy?

Sure. Roll a tennis ball down a playground slide. Lifting the ball inputs the energy used to counteract gravity. At the top, the (gravitational) energy the ball possesses is potential. As the ball rolls down, the potential energy is converted to kinetic energy. At the halfway point, half the potential energy has been converted to kinetic energy.

How do you calculate maximum height?

Kinetic Energy or Potential energy= mass x gravity x height

What will happen to the potential energy if the temperature and kinetic energy increase?

It would depend. Within a system there can be isolated factors influencing different kinetic and potential energies. If the kinetic energy was increased (Let's say gravity), and a random object is pushed off of a table (Now potential energy), the potential energy would in fact be increased. This increase in energy is proportional in the potential and kinetic stages. If the temperature were increased and a "reaction" occurred the potential energy would go up.

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