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social studies

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What field of anthropology studies fossil remains to learn how human characteristics have developed

Which field of anthropology studies the relationships of people in groups

Which subject could be included in both the humanities and social sciences

Which field of anthropology studies the relationship of apes and monkeys compared to the development of human beings

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Q: Is greek mythology science or social studies?
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What do you call a person that studies ancient Greek mythology?

greek mytholygist

Social studies true or false historians name the Minoan culture in honor of the king of crete in greek mythology?

historians named the Minoan culture in honor of the king of Crete in Greek mythology true or false

What is the Greek word of social studies?


What are some ideas for a science fiction book that involves Greek mythology?

Any idea that you have will be good. Research your Greek mythology so that you can tie it into your science fiction world.

What careers involve Greek mythology besides teaching it?

A person thet studies it?

What does mesopotamia mean in social studies?

greek civilzations

Do the Greeks have a sacred text?

The Greeks consider Greek mythology sacred, and epic poems such as The Illiad and The Odyssey by Homer, were considered important. Source-- Honors Social Studies student.

What makes Greek mythology?

It is the same as any mythology. It is made up of stories to explain the world to the people who did not understand today's science.

Was Greek mythology science for Greeks?

At the time, they weren't myths, they believed it or at least I think they did. Therefore, it wasn't Science but Religon.

What were the greek's achievements?

Democracy, Olympics, Philosophy, Mythology, Athletics, Religion, Social Classes

What has the author A David Napier written?

A. David Napier has written: 'Masks, transformation, and paradox' -- subject(s): Comparative studies, Greek Mythology, Hindu Mythology, Masks, Mythology, Paradox

Is The Lightning Thief series science fiction?

The Lightning Thief is based on Greek mythology. Percy Jackson is the son of a Greek god.

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