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Greekplays are still performed today however they are performed generally in modern day theatres now. There are only 43 original Greek script still existing today, mostly being tragedies. Greek theatre also influences a lot of modern day script that are written, such as soaps, as they take a real life situation and dramatize it, just as they did in the 5th century.

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How does greek theater have an influence on theater today?

It doesn'tSimply put Greek theatre is the reason we have theatre today. It's said that theatre started the moment a member of the Greek chorus stepped out from the other and sang on his own. So much of the theatre that is done today is meant to hark back to the time when the art was just beginning to be created. The Greeks where also the first to use the wagon on stage, not to mention they had the ability to fly people onto and off of the stage using a giant crane. We also have a hard time mastering the acoustics of a Greek theatre. In allot of ways we are still trying to be as good at theatre as the Greeks where. Most importantly we still use the Greek plot structures in the plays that are written today.

Why is Greek theater performed today?

Greek theatre has been considered a classic, and is now enjoyed right now. It upholds the Greek tradition and culture, and is enjoyable (to most people) to watch!

What is the name of the Greek tragedy that is still popular today?

There are a number of popular Greek tragedies that are still performed today, including Oedipus Rex, Antigone, and Prometheus Bound, among others.

How is Noh theatre similar to Greek theatre?

Noh (or Nōgaku) is a classical Japanese musical drama originating in the 14th century AD, which, unlike Ancient Greek theatre, is still extant in its traditional forms today. Much of the craft of acting and producing Nōgaku emphasizes tradion

Is greek architecture still used today?

we still have domes, therefore we still have greek

Does someone still Worship the Greek Gods today?

Yes. The Greek gods and goddesses are still worshipped today.

Are Ancient Greek plays still performed today?

of course. plays like Antigone and Oedipus are still being preformed, with or without modern interpretation.

Is the The Theatre of Epidaurus still standing today?


Do people still use the globe theatre today?


How has ancient greek theater influenced the theater of today?

they were the begining of all theatre also they helped create what is now musical theatre

What elements of classical Greek and Roman culture still exist in your world today?

what elements of greek and roman culture are still important to us today

What jobs were there in the greek city of Athens?

there were writers and theatre people and doctors and most of the jobs we have today

Are there any cultures that still believe in the greek gods?

Many Pagans today do still worship the Greek Gods.

Why are greek myths still relevant today?

Coz it is

Are Elizabethan plays still performed today?

"Elizabethan" plays would usually be considered to include Shakespeare, and his works are definitely still commonly performed today.

What are some ancient greek words still used today?

like academy is still used today as a learning place

Is jazz dance still practiced today?

yes it is. its still practiced and performed.

Are there still people who believe in Greek Mythology today?


Does The greek city Athens still exist today?


Why is greek mythology still important today?

The Greek mythology is important today as it has been adopted into the modern cultures. Most of the things that are done have a reference point in Greek mythology.

What is the name of Thebes today?

Thebes is a very old Greek city that still exists today.

Is the Globe Theatre still existing today?

The original Globe Theatre burned down during Shakespeare's time. There is a replica today in Southwark. An American actor named Sam Wanamaker rebuilt it.

What greek inventions are still used today?

There are many Greek inventions that are still used today. Some of these include the alarm clock, central heating, the thermometer, maps, cannons, as well as wheelbarrows.

Were Greeks great at both tragedy and comedy?

Yes! Greek tragic playwrights like Sophocles, Aeschylus, and Euripedes, and Greek comic playwrights like Aristophanes, are still remembered and read today, and many theatre companies still perform their works. They have timeless themes and characters, and are very well-written plays that still resonate with modern audiences.

Is the Chinese Dragon Dance still performed today?