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try it, but raspberry smirnoff, is really good. especially with ice tea, just makes it alot sweeter.

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What can you mix with Smirnoff green apple?

Smirnoff green apple is phenominal with mountain dew. Favorite drink.

Alcohol content smirnoff green apple?


What tastes good with green apple bite smirnoff vodka?

it tastes good by itself. after the shot, you can sip on schweppes bitter lemon, a good companion

Is green apple good for diabetics?


Which vitamins are good for diets?

apple green

Is it good to eat green apple in the morning?


Which apple rots first a red apple or a green apple?


Is sugar apple good for diabetics?

No that is what you have when you have a stomach ache. Green apples are good for diabetics

What is apple green?

Apple green is a particular bright shade of green with a light tint of yellow, like the colour of a green apple.

How is a green apple different to a red apple?

A green apple is more Sour!

How long does it take smirnoff ice to expire?

Smirnoff Ice does expire because it has fresh fruit flavors in it. It is good about a year after the manufactured date.

Does a green apple rot faster than a red apple?

I actually did an expirament on this topic. Red apples rot faster then green apples. This is due to the acidity in the green apple that keeps the green apple fresher. If you cut a green apple and a red apple in half, you will find that the red apple will start to brown slightly before the green apple.

Which has more fiber a green apple or a red apple?


What kinds of drinks are sold by Smirnoff Vodka?

Smirnoff Vodka produces and sells different flavors of vodka. Some of the drinks they make are called Smirnoff Black, Smirnoff Espresso, Smirnoff Black Ice, and Smirnoff Twisted V Raspberry Malt Beverage.

Which one is better red apple or green apple?

my opinion is the green granny smith apple

How is a red apple different from a green apple?

The red apple is more sweet and the green apple has chances of being sour.

Can a green apple rot faster than a red apple?


This apple is green. is green an adjective or noun?

It is an adjective because it is descriptive. If you say "that is a green apple" Then it is a noun, because the green and the apple go together as a name.

What is the difference between a green and red apple?

A red apple has a thicker skin than a green one but the green apple is usually bitter.

What is the color of apple?

a coulor of an apple is red but there are green apple so it probally means red and green

Is smirnoff safe?

in suviet russia smirnoff safe you!

How many seeds does a green apple have?

The green apple has 6-9 seeds.

What mixes well with green apple vodka?

Green Apple Jones soda.

What color is a green apple?


This apple is green is green a noun?

In that sentence,, the word "green" is functioning as an adjective, describing the noun "apple" as a predicate adjective (subject complement) following the linking verb "is" (apple = green).