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Yea they are so good I went to there consert

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What music do greenday play?

greenday plays rock

Why doesn't tokio hotel make an album with greenday?

Their music is quite different and I don't think TH is the music Greenday listen to. Greenday comes form a punk background.

Is greenday making new songs?

No, Greenday hasn't actually created music since 1994

What kind of music does greenday play?


Who is a music group starting with g?


Is greenday emo music?

Hell no. They are punk or alternative.

What genre is greenday music?

Punk Rock !! -- by ur mom

Does Greenday write there own music?

some of their songs they write them selves.

What music was popular music in 1998?

Michael Jackson dirty south cristina agulara nevermind and greenday

How long has GreenDay benn making music?

20 years and still playing.

What kind of music is greenday?

It s a post nirvana alternitive punk rock

Did greenday have a music trainer?

of course. almost every professional band has one

What are some of the music Avril lavigne listened to?

Greenday, The Used, Nirvanna, etc

What kind of music does tokio hotel play?

greenday,acdc,guns and roses that sorta stuff

Does greenday suck?

1.NO!! Greenday are amaaaazing!! 2.ya greenday rocks 3. greenday and suck in the same sentence?? i didnt even know that was possible...Greenday is amazing....billie mike and tre are so adorkable ;]

What type of band is greenday?

Greenday is Punk Rock

Which is better Linkin Park or greenday?

I think Green day is slightly better than linkin park in music.

Who sold the most albums worldwide Blink182 or Greenday?

probably greenday

What music does Harry Judd like?

the Beatles, Greenday, The Killers, Snow Patrol, Micheal Jackson, Blink-182... etc.

What is the old bandname of greenday band before it became greenday?

Sweet children.

Where can one purchase music by Green Day?

Music by Green Day can be purchased via their official website - GreenDay. It can also be purchased via the famous music distrubution platform - iTunes, as well as by Amazon.

Who wrote the song 21guns by greenday?

21 guns was written by greenday only, dumbo!!

Why did greenday change there name?

Greenday changed their name to avoid confusion with another band named "Sweet Baby." They named themselves Greenday because of their fondness of marijuana.

Is greenday antichrist?


Who hates greenday?

I do.