Is h20 just add water a good movie?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Yes it is! its very cool and has new things to enjoy ever time,i love it when they turn to mermaids.

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Q: Is h20 just add water a good movie?
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Is h20 just add water having a movie made?

don't no!

Is the movie just add water real or not it real?

no actually it is a remake

What is the movie with mermaids?

The Little Mermaid, Aquamarine, and Splash to name a few aquamarine,mermaids and the little mermaid and there is also a h2o just add water movie and there is also they series h2o just add water

In the Movie H2O just add water what is Charlotte's last name?


H20 just add water the move?

The begging of season 3 of H20 Just Add Water the movie it a 2 par eppisode of eppisode 1 season 3

Why did clarie Holt leave h20 just add water?

She left to film a movie.

Is there going to be a H2O just add water movie?

No. I don't think there is going to be one. soz

Is the show H2o Just Add Water a popular show for tweens?

H2O Just Add Water is a popular show for tweens, it is good and fun to watch and i am 13 and i like it

Where can you watch h2o just add water the moive?

I dont think there is a h2o movie! but if there is, i am sorry and WOAH.:)

When does the merman appear in h20 just add water?

he will in the fourth season and there will be 8 seasons total and a movie

What is the best mermaid movie?

the best mermaid movie i have seen is probaly H20 just add water or the little mermaid: ariels begining

What is the movie with three girl mermaids that have a dad that left them with a treasure or responsibility?

i think its h2o just add water