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A body temperature of 37.65 degrees Celsius is slightly elevated. It is considered to be in the range of what is considered a low grade fever.

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Q: Is having a body temperature of 37.65 high?
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What does hypothermia and hypertermia mean?

Hypothermia: The condition of having an abnormally low body temperature, typically one that is dangerously low. Hyperthermia: The condition of having an abnormally high body temperature, typically one that is dangerously high.

What is the condition of having abnormally high body temperature?

Hyperthermia, also known as a fever.

What is the reason for high body temperature?

Reasons of high body temperature

Is a body temperature of 38.1 C too high?

Yes this is regarded as a fever. Around the same as having a temperature of 100

What is another term for heat-related illnesses or having a body temperature that is too high?


Is body temperature 98.8 high?

no,its not high

What can happen to cells if body temperature increases above normal?

Having a higher than normal body temperature can destroy many cells in the body. However, it can also strengthen the immune cells in the body to fight off whatever is causing the high temperature.

Is 38.2 a high body temperature for an adult?

Yes, but not that high. Even if you do some heavy physical work or sport,your body temperature can reach up to 38 ºC without having an infection in your body. In healthy adult men and women, the range of normal, healthy temperature for oral temperature is 33.2 - 38.2 °C

If your body temperature gets too high can you die?

it depends how high your body temperature is if its very high you will become very ill

Is high body temperature a sign of alcohol overdose?

No. Low body temperature is.

What a word for having a high temperature?


Why high body temperature is dangerous to life?

because high body temperature will enable the enzymes to catalyse, so no reaction will occur in the body.

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