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Is having a body temperature of 37.65 high?


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A body temperature of 37.65 degrees Celsius is slightly elevated. It is considered to be in the range of what is considered a low grade fever.


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Hypothermia: The condition of having an abnormally low body temperature, typically one that is dangerously low. Hyperthermia: The condition of having an abnormally high body temperature, typically one that is dangerously high.

Your body temperature is high or you could be having withdrawals.

Reasons of high body temperature

Yes this is regarded as a fever. Around the same as having a temperature of 100

Yes, but not that high. Even if you do some heavy physical work or sport,your body temperature can reach up to 38 ºC without having an infection in your body. In healthy adult men and women, the range of normal, healthy temperature for oral temperature is 33.2 - 38.2 °C

Having a higher than normal body temperature can destroy many cells in the body. However, it can also strengthen the immune cells in the body to fight off whatever is causing the high temperature.

it depends how high your body temperature is if its very high you will become very ill

because high body temperature will enable the enzymes to catalyse, so no reaction will occur in the body.

Fever or hyperthermia is the medical term meaning high body temperature.

a dangerously high body temperature would be anything above 39 degrees C

Heat is conducted form the high temperature body to the low temperature body until their temperatures are the same.

The body temperature of a fish depends on the temperature of the surroundings and most fish are coldblooded so their body temperature would not be so high.

when body temperature becomes too high the proteins in the body can ''denature'' or lose their shape, becoming functionless

An above average body temperature is commonly referred to as a fever.

Neither visible light nor ultraviolet light have high temperature, because temperature is associated with molecular movement and light is an electromagnetic wave or particle having no temperature. Infrared light is given off by matter that is raised to high temperature, but that is not the same as having temperature.

There is usually an increase in body temperature during pregnancy.

When the body is defending itself against infection, the body temperature is raised. A high body temperature is, therefore, an easy way to find out if something is wrong.

36.5 - 37.5 is normal body temperature

The highest body temperature ever recorded in a person was 115.7 degrees. His body temperature was so high due to a heat stroke.

your period will come soon, whoever is pregnant their body temperature remains in high temperature.

This is not possible. Heat always move from a body of high temperature to a body of low temperature.

NO 38 degrees is not normal for a body temperature, Normal body temperature is usually 36.5 to 37.5 anything greater than this, should be treated as a high temperature

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