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I never heard of hiccups as being a symptom of pregnancy but the others that you listed are in fact symptoms of pregnancy I would suggest that you take an at home test or make an appointment with your doctor to have a blood test done to see what is going on and you can get whatever medical care you need Good Luck and God Bless!

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โˆ™ 2006-04-04 05:53:41
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Q: Is having constant hiccups feeling constantly tired and sick and getting easily upset signs of pregnancy within the first couple weeks or so?
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Is feeling dizzy then getting sweaty then vomiting after a sign of pregnancy?


Can a sign of pregnancy be the feeling of getting period?

Yes, the symptoms are similar.

If you are on the patch and still having your periods but feeling fluters in your tummy and your tummy is getting bigger are you pregnant?

A missed period and positive pregnancy test are signs of pregnancy. Take a pregnancy test.

How soon can you tell you are pregnant without a pregnancy test?

As soon as you start getting your nausea feeling in the mornings.

Can you be pregnant if you had a sharp cramp and feeling like im getting your period but dont?

You could be. Take a pregnancy test

Is feeling nauseous after almost everything you eat a sign of pregnancy?

It can be a sign of pregnancy...also you might be very tired or feel like you are getting the flu...achy, etc.

What does it mean if your urine pregnancy test was negative but you have been feeling very lightheaded and nauseated?

that means ur testicle is getting big

What does it mean if you are getting signs of pregnancy like feeling sick all the time and are late on your period but the pregnancy test is negative?

then you are not pregnant you hear me if you are you are just a sick little girl or meget gal

Why have you got constant backache and sickness 12 weeks into your pregnancy?

Because your body is getting used to the changes. its common sense. congrats on the baby

When to retake a pregnancy test after getting a negative result and period and still feeling pregnant?

Two weeks from last sexual intercourse encounter.

Is it common to have some heavy feeling in head when bending and getting up in pregnancy?

Yes I get it. My doctor says it from all the e'er hormone being produced. It's like a light headed kind of feeling I got

Why do i keep getting hot flashes and feeling sick?

It could be the start of your menopause (assuming you are a woman of a certain mature age). Or, it could be a sign of pregnancy!

You have taken 5 pregnancy tests and they are negative but you are feeling movement in your stomach and getting bigger all the time?

That many pregnancy tests don't lie. Stop taking the tests and go for walks and eat a balanced diet. Movement during pregnancy comes MUCH later.

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Urinal tract infection and pregnancy?

It is quite common to get a urinal tract during pregnancy. The signs of getting a urinal tract are pregnancy, bloody/rusty urine, going to the toilet a lot more often, feeling ill and tired.If you have this you need to see a doctor right away since it can be dangerous for the fetus.

Can you have a full term pregnancy getting pregnant with Mirena?

Yes, you can have a full-term pregnancy after getting pregnant with Mirena.

Could you be pregnant if you have a stange feeling in your belly feeling quite nausious and sick and extremely tired had protected but drunken sex 3 weeks ago?

a sign of pregnancy is a werid moving feeling in your stomach that stretches to the bottom of your kiddney.if you have been throwing up lately,not eating and just beeen drinking water or having moody ways,getting upset then that's a sign of pregnancy,if you had sex over a week you are already preganat.

How soon before pregnancy can you get a tattoo?

Getting a tat is not dangerous for pregnancy.

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When getting birth control do you have to take a pregnancy test?

no you do not have to take a pregnancy test

What can prevent you from getting your period?


Could you be pregnant if you have been feeling tired bloated getting headaches and just started pinkish spotting but period is not due for 2 weeks?

Possibly. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your period

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Can we get pregnant when not having periods?

Depends. Why aren't you having periods? A period is not necessary for pregnancy. Some women are "constantly" pregnant; that is they get pregnant after each birth before they have a period. (Each period is the result of not getting pregnant.)

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