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You may or may not be pregnant. Whatever you have it does not sound normal. go to your doctor. It can be a sign of pregnancy or a sign of Gasterintitous or a stomach virus, hence the diahreehea.

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Q: Is having diarrhea constant hiccups headaches tiredness and being easily emotional or agitated a sign?
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Why am i suffering from constant tiredness no energy constant painful headaches and have trouble sleeping and when you do you wake up within hours after you are also easily emotional What is wrong?

go to the doctors, it could be chronic fatigue

You have stomach pains constant tiredness and headaches Why is this?

check with your doctor to see whats the matter

How would the front line trench effect the soldiers?

Soldiers who served the WW1 in the trenches suffered from Shell Shock. It effected them negative with common things like tiredness, headaches, difficulties to focus, constant diarrhea and being emotional.

Can you be pregnant if you have constant headaches breasts soreness tiredness and some nausus feelings 8 days after ovulation?


What are the 'signs' of diabetes?

Tiredness, sickness, headaches, constant peeing, shaking everyday,pale, There are more that im not sure about

Are constant headaches and a sore neck symptoms of whiplash?

A constant neck pain is definitely a symptom of whiplash. Headaches is also a symptom for whiplash. However, headaches are also symptoms for other things.

What is a sentence using the word Agitated?

jail was clearly agitated by the constant bickering of her inlays. The guest speaker seemed agitated when the audience did not quiet down right away. It's wonderful that the family worshiped together, but their screaming infant agitated the entire congregation. The Principal's calming words helped to settle the agitated student. I wish Dad would not watch the news because it leaves him upset and agitated night after night.

Can you take diclofex and amitriptyline together?

suffering with constant headaches and neck pain

What does it mean if you get constant headaches?

may be when suffering from fevers or during and eventually during tension

What might be a cause of constant headaches?

Some causes of a constant headache could be eye strain, migraines, tension headaches, cluster headache, or even stress. Make sure you contact your general physician or your eye doctor for more information.

What can cause constant headaches and pain in neck and left shoulder?

stress, get a message or see a chiropractor

Do braces hurt to be put on?

Definetly they hurt work like crazy and gives you constant headaches

Why you are get all time headaches and some current like movements?

If you are suffering from constant headaches, and these headaches seem to be worse with movement, I would advise you to see a doctor. You might be suffering from migraines, you could have a build up of fluid or anything. It is important you get it checked out.

What else are cluster headaches called?

Cluster headaches have been known as histamine headaches, red migraines, and Horton's disease, among others. The constant factor is the pain, which transcends by far the distress of the more common tension-type headache or even that of a migraine headache

What is a psychological and emotional abuse?

Emotional child abuse is defined as the constant attack of a child or youth by an adult that negatively affects the child or youth's self-worth. It is important to note here the word 'constant'. With emotional abuse, the child/youth receives only negative messages, nothing positive. But the answer to your question goes much deeper.

How can you tell someone is taking cocaine?

Jitters, paranoia, constant sniffling, small pupils, and can't sit still. Sometimes they get agitated coming down, and they talk a lot.

Your symptoms are constant prodding in left side of abdomen increased urination and tiredness could you be pregnant?

May be. But think of urinary tract infection (UTI) first.

Is it ok to play football after you got a concussion a week ago if you still have constant headaches?

No. You should be talking to a doctor, not a website.

What could cause high blood pressure constant headaches fatigue and rash on arms?

Possibly an infection of some sort

What is emotional abuse-?

Emotional abuse is any kind of abuse that is emotional rather than physical in nature. It can include anything from verbal abuse and constant criticism to more subtle tactics, such as intimidation, manipulation, and refusal to ever be pleased.

Can constant headaches at 3 and a half weeks be a sign or symptom of pregnancy?

it may be because of dehydration or of stress go to your doctor and talk to them about it

What does it mean when you have constant headaches and your eyes hurt occasionally?

It might mean that you need glasses. Set up an eye appointment to be sure.

What is Emotional child abuse?

Emotional child abuse is defined as the constant attack of a child or youth by an adult that negatively affects the child or youth's self-worth. It is important to note here the word 'constant'. With emotional abuse, the child/youth receives only negative messages, nothing positive. For the categories of emotional child abuse see the link below. it is when a parent tells their kids things like "I don't have anything to do with you" and things like "you are so worthless"

Can you be pregnant if your breasts are sore constipated feel sick throughout the day and constant headaches?

yes it is very possible take a hpt to see

How does one determine what strength to buy when buying glasses over the counter?

You need to get an eye exam and prescription glasses or you will have constant headaches and migranes