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Yes, it undergoes the clues that indicate that a chemical change has happened.

  • new colour appears
  • heat or light is produced
  • bubbles or gas are formed
  • a solid forms into a liquid
  • change is hard or impossible to reverse

Four out of the five are met. A solid does not turn into a liquid during this process.

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Q: Is heating copper sulfate and water a chemical change?
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Is heating copper sulfate crystals a chemical change?


Copper sulfate and sodium carbonate physical or chemical change?

it is a chemical change Sodium carbonate + Copper sulfate react to make Sodium sulfate + Copper carbonate

Does heating copper II sulfate produce a chemical change or physical change?

Heating Copper Sulfate gently drives off the water of crystallization leaving an amorphous white powder. This is purely a physical reaction. Heating this powder strongly will cause a chemical reaction liberating sulfur dioxide and oxygen, leaving black copper(II)oxide: 2CuSO4 >2CuO + 2SO2 + O2

Is heating copper carbonate a chemical change?

It is a physical change because it has only changed state.

Is copper sulphate a physical change or chemical?

Copper sulfate is a substance, not a change. It can undergo physical and chemical changes.

Why should copper sulfate dissolution be regarded as a chemical change?

Dissolution of Copper sulphate in water is a Physical Change... It cannot be regarded as a Chemical Change.

When copper sulfate mixed with sodium hydroxide is a form of physical change or chemical change?

Chemical change (which results in physical change).

Why Hydrated copper sulfate crystals cannot be obtained from a solution by direct heating?

Heating the saturated solution of Copper sulfate will not form the hydrated copper sulfate crystals because only after cooling down the saturated solution of copper sulfate then only the crystals of the hydrated copper sulfate can be formed

Is heating copper sulfate pentahydrate a chemical reaction?

No, it is not a chemical reaction. The added heat only drives the water molecules out of the crystal structure. No bonds are made or broken. Actually, it is a chemical change, because there are bonds between the water and CuSO4. by heating, these bonds are broken, there is a color change not coming from the reactant.

What is the chemical formula for copper ll sulfate?

The chemical formula for copper(ll) sulfate is CuSO4.

Was a strip of magnesium metal into a solution of copper sulfate a chemical change?

Yes. The magnesium metal replaces the copper in the copper sulfate. This is a single replacement or single displacement reaction.

Chemical Name Of Chemical Sulfate?

copper sulfate CuSO4