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Q: Is hemostasis a positive feedback
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Is blood pressure negative or positive feedback?

Is the clotting of blood an example of positive or negative feedback?

Oxygen loading a positive of negative feedback process?

oxygen loading is a positive feedback response

What is the difference between Positive feedback and Regenerative feedback?

positive feedback is always benificial but regenerative feedback may or may not.

Is contractions during childbirth positive or negative feedback?

Positive feedback.

Definition of negative feedback and positive feedback?

A: Any feedback that contributes to the input is positive feedback any feedback that subtract from the input is negative feedback

Tends to magnify a process or increase its output?

Positive feedback Positive feedback

How is a positive feedback stopped?

The positive feedback loop is terminated by the end of childbirth...

In a feedback amplifier positive feedback produces an output that is?

A: POSITIVE feedback will force the amplifier to sit at its rail saturated

Is urinating a negative feedback?

No it is positive feedback

A blood clot stimulating the formation of more blood clotting is an example of?

Postive feedback

What is a positive feedback mechanism?

A positive feedback mechanism is a system the responds to perturbation in the same direction as the perturbation. A positive feedback mechanism allow cells to adapt to changes in their environment rapidly and efficiently. Positive feedback allows cells to reach new levels of equilibrium corresponding to the stimulus in the environment

A self-amplifying chain of physiological events is called?

positive feedback.