Is hemp legal

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Yes it is legal to import as a finished product, or as a hulled seed.
It was legal until 1937 to grow in our country as a cash crop. I recommend reading The Emporer Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer. Or Google him. Very resourceful book on the subject and the conspiracy against hemp

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Q: Is hemp legal
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Was weed legal in 1792?

Weed was legal until about 1930-ish... Hemp used to be a big deal. I'm not sure, but I heard that it used to be illegal NOT to have a hemp plant growing on your property.

Is hemp growth illegal on the federal level?

Unfortunately yes. There is only one legal hemp growing facility in the US and that is an experimental 40 acre facility in Hawaii. Odd factoid up until sometime in the 1800's hemp growing was required for all farmers and in fact was considered legal tender

What is the difference between hemp and marijuana?

As opposed to hemp, the THC content in marijuana is much higher than 0.3%. For this reason, marijuana often produces psychoactive effects in users. Itโ€™s also important to note that marijuana is not legal nationwide, as is the case with industrial hemp.

Are hemp seeds illegal?

From what I know... The whole plant is illegal unless you have legal permission to have possession of it.

What is the plural form of hemp?

The plural form of hemp is hemp.

Can you legally sell nutrients for cannabis growers?

Every item in fertilizer used for growing hemp is legal.

Where does hemp fabric come from?

Hemp fabric is made from fibers from the hemp plant. Hemp is a high growing variety of the Cannabis plant.

Will they legalize weed?

its legal in Amsterdam and there is a certain type of weed you can buy in hemp shops legality its usually called smoke.

Why can you wear a shirt made out of hemp but not possess hemp in SC?

It all depends on the type of hemp.

Where does hemp grow?

Hemp grows in africa alberta

Does hemp have the same appearance as marihuana?

Hemp is weed

What is the difference between hemp which is called jute and hemp which is called sleek?

Hemp isn't jute... Hemp is from a different plant. It has longer fibres and is softer. So jute is used for stronger fabrics for furnishings, and hemp is used for clothing.

When was Planet Hemp created?

Planet Hemp was created in 1993.

When did Planet Hemp end?

Planet Hemp ended in 2001.

When was Tim Hemp born?

Tim Hemp was born in 1974.

When was Meinhard Hemp born?

Meinhard Hemp was born in 1942.

When was David Hemp born?

David Hemp was born in 1970.

When was Hemp for Victory created?

Hemp for Victory was created in 1942.

What are Hemp seeds called in Kannada?

Hemp Seeds in Kannada

Show you hemp rope?

sorry but i do not know what you mean by "show you hemp rope?" i might be able to answer it if it was "how to braid a hemp rope"

Is hemp fiber is obtained from the stem of marijuana plant?

Hemp anything is obtained from a hemp plant. Hemp is the male marijuana plant. It does not produce buds and barely contains any THC.

Is it i legal to grow cannabis in the UK?

Yes, it is illegal to grow in the UK (unless you have a special licence for research/medical work or for production of hemp).

What are hemp seeds?

Hemp seed are the seeds from plants in the Hemp plant family. Hemp has played an important role in the making of cloth, ropes, baskets and other useful objects for thousands of years.

What is a sentence using the word hemp?

Hemp means fibre of a plant which is used to make ropes. " I buy a large stock of hemp "

Does Flax seed contain Hemp oil?

No. Flax is a completely different plant from Hemp. Flax seeds do not contain Hemp oil.