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Q: Is homogenized milk a pure substance or a mechanical mixture?
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Is homogenized milk a mixture?

Homogenized milk is still a mixture. The milk still contains water, fat and other minerals such as calcium. Homogenized milk only looks instead of settling at the bottom of a glass.

Is coffee with creme homogeneous heterogeneous or a pure substance?

Milk is considered to be both a mechanical mixture and a solution. Homogenized milk is a mechanical mixture because it includes milk fats suspended in a solution.

Is homogenized milk a compound or a mixture?

Homogenised milk is a homogeneous colloidal dispersion of the milk solids in the liquid milk. The colloidal particles are sized as per the requirements in high-speed colloidal mills. It is not a heterogeneous mixture.

Determine if homogenized milk is a mechanical mixture or a solution?

Homogenized milk is a solution. Because in a solution the particles are evenly distributed. Where as in a heterogenized mixture they are not and you can see the different particles. Therefore homogenized milk is a solution.

Are there homogeneous mixture?

Yes. For example, homogenized milk is a homogeneous mixture

Is milk a mixture solution?

milk is a homogenized mixture, that means it is made to look the same throughout

Is milk a mixture a solution?

milk is a homogenized mixture, that means it is made to look the same throughout

Is milk pure substance or a mixture?

Milk is a complex mixture.

Which type of mixture is non-homogenized milk?

It's something got to do with non homogenised milk and emulsion.

Is milk mixture or pure substance?


Does fat-free milk need to be homogenized?

no, homogenized milk does not have the fat removed.

Is milk classified as a mixture?

The fresh milk that comes from cows is a mixture of water, fat (also called butterfat or milkfat), and milk solids.(See Link) Related info: just because it says homogenized doesn't make it so. Homogenized milk has smaller droplets of butterfat suspended in it. You can tell that it is a suspension because it displays the Tyndall effect (it scatters light).