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of course honey makes our skin to glow and removes dryness

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Q: Is honey is used to glow face?
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How To Make a Face Mask?

There are a lot of different face masks but the best home made face mask is lemon juice mixed with milk and honey it makes the skin moisturized and glow

What does honey do for your face?

It nourishes your skin and makes it glow(: I love using it because it makes the skin smoooth

What makes watch face glow?

hi how you get back your face glow

How to glow face?

To make your face glow you require the right facial medication and cream. Applying powder on your face will also make your face glow.

When a person says to you you have a glow in your face what does it means?

when a person says that you have a glow in your face it means that you look beautiful. Also, it means that you look good

What can i do to glow my cheeks a little and have fairness on myface how do i do it?

what can i do to glow my cheeks a little and have fairness on my face ?

What does the honey collector wear to get honey?

a veil to protect their face

What is blush used for?

Blush is primarily used to add a bit of color to one's cheeks. The intent behind it is to add a youthful glow of health to one's face.

What are some homemade recipes for raw honey face mask?

you would take some raw honey and glob it all over your face. Then you would stick your face in a freezer for one to two hours. After that you should take your face out of the freezer and rip off the raw honey. Now your face should shine.

What is a glow stick's history?

anitas face

How do you make your face glow?

Glow in the dark paint. It can be found at most dollar stores.

When was Baby Darling Doll Face Honey created?

Baby Darling Doll Face Honey was created on 2009-04-07.

Why the eyes of animals glow at night?

Their eyes do not glow, the retina of the eye reflects light when it shines on the animal's face.

What does a glow worm use its light for?

ur face

Acne Treatment?

Honey has anti-inflammatory properties, which can heal most acne types. One of the hardest side effects to heal is inflamed pores; therefore, use honey to help relieve these acne side effects. To use honey as an acne treatment, purchase unprocessed honey from a store that sells organic products. Do not heat the honey; that will kill the anti-inflammatory properties. Clean your face, and apply the honey to your face. The honey will act like a mask. After 15 minutes, wash the honey from your face.

How can you make your face lighter?

Mix honey with sinnimone

What happens after putting honey on your face what reactions does it give?

Honey is a natural antibiotic and fungicide, so putting it on your face would do no harm, and might even kill the bacteria that cause acne. However, I wouldn't recommend it as a cure -- too messy! That said, honey has been used as a wound dressing for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Hospitals have again rediscovered honey as a wound dressing -- it will even kill MRSA -- and doctors can prescribe honey dressings again.

Is it safe to put play paint on someones face?

very safe, in fact - the particles within the paint become bonded with the oil on your face and make it glow! it can also be used as hand cream.

What are some inexpensive grocery store items that can be used for face and skin care?

There are a number of things that can be purchased in the grocery store and used for face and skin care. Some items that can be used are cucumbers, oranges, papaya, honey, sugar, eggs and olive oil.

Which are the most natural face cleansers?

Neutrogena, Aveeno, are a few of the natural face cleanser brand. One can make your own face cleanser by using honey. Honey is an excellence cleanser for every skin type.

How do you use the word glow in a sentence?

The glow of the burning factory could be seen for many miles. Fireflies use cold chemical luminescence to make themselves glow.

Who is the model in the Jergens natural glow face ad?

Brittany McCastle

A sentences with the word glow?

her face was glowing like the stars from hapinness

What is the homonym of slow?

i could see a slow moving glow on her face.

How does Noctiluca glow in he dark?

your face on a sunny day under a bench