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Q: Is huntingtons disease monosomy or trisomy?
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Is color blindness monosomy or trisomy?


What causes trisomy and monosomy?

What causes a trisomy or monosmy condition is having three chromosesomes, trisomy, or one isolated chromosome, monosomy

Is klinefelter's syndrome monosomy or trisomy?

A trisomy. A monosomy is when there is only one of a chromosome. A trisomy is when there are three of a chromosome. In Klinefelter's syndrome, there are three sex chromosomes.

What is the difference between trisomy and monosomy?

Monosomy: chromosome only has one of the two chromosomes of the pair. Example= X0 Trisomy: chromosome pair has an extra chromosome. Example= XXY

What condition is caused by the failure of chromosomes to separate in meiosis?

The condition that is caused is a trisomy or a monosomy

What is the difference nondisjunction mosonomyand trisomy?

Monosomy is when one set of chromosomes has only one chromosome. Trisomy is when one set of chromosomes has three chromosomes.

What causes the mutation of monosomy and trisomy?

Nondisjunction, which is the failure of chromosome pairs to separate properly during meiosis.

Is Down syndrome also known as Monosomy 21?

No, that is false. Down Syndrome is also known as Trisomy-21. Monosomy is a condition where one chromosome is missing from what should be a pair in every cell throughout the body. Trisomy indicates a chromosome has three copies instead of a pair.

Why is monosomy worse than trisomy?

Turner syndrome (a single X chromosome) is the only survivable monosomy, whereas there are a number of survivable trisomies (Down syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome, Triple X syndrome).

Is huntingtons disease hereditary?


What are the advantages of Huntingtons disease?

There are no advantages, it's a terrible disease.

How do you inherit huntington's disease?

Huntingtons disease is inherited from your parents

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