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What is Hydroelectric power

What is Tidal energy

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Q: Is hydroelectric power conventional or nonconventional?
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How is hydroelectric energy be used in homes and businesses?

Whether the electricity is generated by conventional power stations, or hydroelectric power generation, the electricity used in homes and businesses will still be the same, and used the same.

What are the pros and cons of nonconventional vs conventional sources of energy?

nonconventional: water, sun, wind They're expensive They can be recycled (not sun) and don't pollute. good long term effects conventional: oil, coal, electricity Global warming good short term effects non-renewable

What are examples of conventional and nonconventional energy?

Conventional energy source - Gasoline and other petroleum products like diesel etc. They are derived from Coal and fossil fuels. Non - Conventional energy source - Solar Power, Wind energy (Using wind mills), hydro - electricity, Bio Gas etc.

What are conventional source of energy?

For electricity the main conventional fuels are coal and natural gas, and hydro power would also be considered conventional. Nuclear probably not, though it has been in use over 50 years now. For transport and the chemical industry, oil is the main conventional fuel

How was hydroelectric power made?

Hydroelectric power is made from water.

Two disadvantages of hydroelectric power?

On disadvantage of hydroelectric power is the cost. Another disadvantage of using hydroelectric power is finding a water source powerful enough to harvest hydroelectric power.

What is Hydroelectric power produced by?

Hydroelectric power is produced by running water.

What is hydroelectric energy or hydroelectric power?

hydroelectric energy is energy that comes from water

How is hydroelectric power is a usable energy?

hydroelectric power is an important for producing the power in the low loss of is nothing but producing the we can easily produce the power from hydroelectric power plant.

Hydroelectric power plant diagram?

HYdroelectric power is pretty cool and here is a diagram:

How many hydroelectric power stations are there in Britain?

There are hundreds of hydroelectric power stations in England.

What state uses the most hydroelectric power?

Idaho. 78% of their power comes from hydroelectric sources.

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