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Conventional energy source - Gasoline and other petroleum products like diesel etc. They are derived from Coal and fossil fuels.

Non - Conventional energy source - Solar Power, Wind energy (Using wind mills), hydro - electricity, Bio Gas etc.

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Q: What are examples of conventional and nonconventional energy?
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Is hydroelectric power conventional or nonconventional?


Example of non conventional sources of energy?

Wind energy (windmills), solar energy , solar conductor , geo-thermal energy, and tidal energy are nonconventional sources of energy.

What are the pros and cons of nonconventional vs conventional sources of energy?

nonconventional: water, sun, wind They're expensive They can be recycled (not sun) and don't pollute. good long term effects conventional: oil, coal, electricity Global warming good short term effects non-renewable

Why do countries give importance for the development of nonconventional energy sources?

That's because 1) we need energy, and 2) there are certain problems with conventional energy sources - including scarcity of the resources, and pollution.

Examples of conventional energy?

exampleconventional energy resources

What are the examples of conventional and non-conventional energy?

Examples are Coal, natural gas, oil, firewood and hydro

What is conventional energy?

Energy that has been used from ancient times is known as conventional energy. Coal, natural gas, oil, and firewood are examples of conventional energy sources.Basically A Fossil Fuel.

Which nonconventional energy source can be exploited most economically?

geo thermal

What are the examples of non conventional sources of energy?

solar and wind power

Differentiate between conventional and non-conventional sources of energy?

Conventional sources of energy are those who are commercially available and are in use from a long time ago. Examples are coal, oil, gas, nuclear, and hydropower. non-conventional sources of energy are those who are in use from few years ago and still are under the development process. Examples are solar, wind, tidal, biogas, and biomass, geothermal, and tide energy.

Why isn't there electricoty in rural areas?

Conventional energy is or was used in the old days it could be natural gas, coal, and even fire wood these are examples of conventional energy

Definition of conventional and non conventional energy?

Definition of conventional and non conventional energy

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