Is hydrogen gas organic

Updated: 9/20/2023
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No.. Hydrogen is not organic as it does not contain carbon.

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Q: Is hydrogen gas organic
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Is hydrogen gas an organic gas?

No, a substance must contain carbon in order to be considered organic.

Is hydrogen gas an organic substance?

No, a substance must contain carbon in order to be considered organic.

Which is an organic molecule water frutose hydrogen sulfide nitrogen gas?

Fructose is the organic molecule. Other two are inorganic gases

What is hydrogen and hydrogen gas?

hydrogen and hydrogen gas are same hydrogen is gas

Is hydrogen bonding organic?

No, while some organic compounds can form hydrogen bonds, these bonds are not inherently organic. Hydrogen bonds occur where hydrogen is bonded to a highly electronegative element such as oxygen or nitrogen. Organic compounds must contain carbon, which is not related to hydrogen bonding.

Does sulfur hydrogen and plutonium have organic compounds?

Sulfur and hydrogen form organic compounds, plutonium not.

Is hydrogen found in cereal?

Of course hydrogen is found in cereal. You may be thinking hydrogen by its self, but that wouldn't happen, it is not in gaseous form for that matter. Basic organic chemistry, CHON, Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen make up a large percentage of your body, and organic substances. Carbohydrates such as glucose, C6H12O6. The H is hydrogen, so yes in the carbohydrates, proteins, and organic substances for that matter hydrogen is in your cereal. Your body is full of it. If it is a concern to you, do not worry, it is not a gas in your cereal that will hurt you!

Is potassium hydrogen phtalate organic or inorganic?


Which elements are considered the foundation organic compounds and why?

carbon and hydrogen Organic compounds contain carbon and hydrogen.

What characteristics do many organic compounds in common?

Most of the organic molecules have good bit of number of carbons in it.An organic molecule having carbon, Hydrogen and oxygen is called ether.An organic molecule having carbon, hydrogen and Nitrogen is called amines.All organic compounds have carbon and hydrogen in them, the compound needs both carbon and hydrogen to be organic.

Is propane organic or inorganic?

Organic, since it has both carbon and Hydrogen

What is hydocarbon?

A hydrocarbon is an organic compound that consists entirely of hydrogen and carbon. Some examples coal, petroleum and natural gas and paraffin.