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The bond between hydrogen and oxygen is covalent.

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Is H2O ionic or covalent bonding?

IT IS A COVALENT bond as hydrogen and oxygen are non metals

Is oxygen and hydrogen a ionic bond?

covalent Polar ionic is with a metal and non metaAnother answer:You have an Hydrogen Bond there.

Is hydrogen and oxygen an ionic bond?

No, the bond between hydrogen and oxygen is polar covalent due to the electronegativity difference

Do hydrogen and oxygen create an ionic bond?

No. They form a covalent bond.

What bonds in calcium hydroxide CaOH2 are ionic and which are covalent?

The bond between oxygen and hydrogen is covalent. The bond between Ca2+ and (OH)- is ionic.

Is Ca(OH)2 ionic or covalent?

they are both since calcuim hydroxide(Ca) is ionic, and oxygen hydrogen is covalent

What bond in calcium hydroxide are ionic or covalent?

The bonds between calcium and hydroxide in calcium hydroxide are ionic, and the bonds between oxygen and hydrogen are covalent.

Is water ionic or covalent?

Water contains hydrogen and oxygen, which are both nonmetals, therefore water is a covalent compound.

Do ionic or covalent have hydrogen?

Hydrogen is involved in covalent bonds but sometimes also in ionic bonds.

Is Hydrogen ionic or covalent'?

The hydrogen molecule has a covalent bond.

Which of the bonds in Ca(OH)2 are in ionic and which are covalent?

The bond between calcium and hydroxyl is ionic.The bond between oxygen and hydrogen is covalent.

Ionic vs covalent?

Ionic doesn't have Carbon or Hydrogen. Covalent does.

Is the bond in water covalent or ionic?

Water contains hydrogen and oxygen, which are both nonmetals, therefore water is a covalent compound.

Does oxygen form ionic or covalent bonds?

Oxygen can form both ionic and covalent bonds

Is hydrogen peroxide ionic or covalent?

When talking about ionic or covalent, we are referring to the bonds between two atoms or ions, not characterizing the whole molecule. In hydrogen peroxide, the link between the two oxygen atoms is a covalent bond (both atoms are negatively charged, and share an electron), while the link between the hydrogen and oxygen atoms is an ionic bond (the oxygen atom is negatively charged and the hydrogen is positively charged, thus they are attracted to each other). ^^^ionic means that the electronegativity difference between atoms is greater than 1.5. Oxygen and hydrogen have a difference less than 1.5 but greater than .5 which makes it polar. Hydrogen peroxide is a covalent compound

What is the covalent bond in potassium methoxide?

The carbon-oxygen and carbon-hydrogen bonds are covalent. Any bond formed by potassium is ionic.

Are ionic covalent and hydrogen bonds all types of molecular bonds?

Covalent bonds form molecules where ionic bonds form ionic lattices. Hydrogen bonds are a form of intermolecular bonds which are formed with the participation of polar hydrogen atoms which are attached to either nitrogen, oxygen or fluorine.

What kind of banding is the water is it ionic or covalent?

It is a covalent bond because both hydrogen and oxygen are nonmetals, and whenever nonmetals bond, it's always covalent.

Which is not a type of chemical bond covalent hydrogen electron or ionic?

which is not a type of chemical bond, covalent, electron, ionic, or hydrogen

Does water have both ionic and covalent bonds?

No, water is just a covalent bond between two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom..

What kind of bond is it between oxygen and hydrogen?

It depends what compound it is in. In water it is covalent. In trichloracetic acid it is ionic.

Weakest bond Ionic bond or covalent bond or hydrogen bond?

Hydrogen bonds are weaker than ionic and covalent bonds.

Is hydrogen nitride ionic or covalent?

The bonds in ammonia are covalent.

Is HI covalent and or ionic?

Hydrogen iodide is a covalent compound.

What is formation of ionic covalent bond?

An ionic covalent bond forms when a metal bonds to a non-metal that is bonded to another non-metal. One such as this would be LiOH. The Oxygen and Hydrogen form a covalent bond and the Lithium to the Hydroxide forms an ionic bond.

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