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Q: Is hypercholesterolemia controlled by a single pair of genes or by many pairs of genes?
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What are inherited characteristics are controlled by genes that occur in pairs?

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Why do genes come in pairs?

Genes come in pairs because Genes are in chromosomes and chromosomes come in pairs as well.

What is Gregor Mendel's concept of unit character?

Inherited traits controlled by factors(genes) which occur in pairs : ) machuff15

Which has more base pairs a gene or a chromosome?

A chromosome has more base pairs than a single gene, because a chromosome carries many genes.

How many base pairs are in a single human gene?

There are about 3 billion base pairs in the human genome (DNA molecule), and around 20,000-25,000 genes, so that gives 120,000-150,00 base pairs per gene on average. But I have no reason to think that genes are even approximately similar in length.

Sex-linked genes are genes on?

All 23 pairs of chromosomes

How many pairs of genes does a potato have?

potatoes don't wear genes. stupid.

How many pairs of genes are in a chromosomes?

2 pair of genes 23 genes in a pair so 23x2= 46

Organisms inherit genes in pairs?


How many genes do cells obtain?

The number of genes varies from chromosome to chromosome and the number of chromosomes varies from species to species (from as few as 1 single chromosome per cell to as many 30,000 chromosome pairs per cell). Human cells have 23 chromosome pairs per cell.

Are panda bear hamsters best in pairs or single?

single pairs fight

What do organisms inherit genes in pairs from?

your parent(s)

Traits are determined by pairs of genes called?


What are the genes called in gene pairs?

incomplete dominance

What is the relationship between base pairs and genes?


How many genes are they in a human genome?

23 pairs

What is the Cumulative effect of two pairs of genes?

A kid

How many genes make up the human DNA?

23,299 genes contained in 23 base pairs.

How many genes does tuberculosis have?

The genome comprises 4,411,529 base pairs and contains around 4,000 genes.

Do homologous pairs of chromosomes carry the same genes?

Homologous pairs of chromosomes carry the same genes. These chromosomes are found in the same loci and contain the same centromere position.

Organisms inherit genes in pairs one from each what?


Organisms inherit genes in pairs from each?

easy the answer is parent

What is heterozygous-?

Heterozygous is a dissimilar pairs of genes. This is part of DNA.

What is the normal compliment of human genes?

26 chromosomal pairs

What Organisms inherit genes in pairs one from each?


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