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Is iTunes a goods-producing business or a service business?


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It is a service business. The reason why is because a goods producing business are tangible things that have a physical presence (i.e. Pop Tarts, School funiture) Service Business also can include insurance and tranportation, and finally iTunes..

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no itunes does not have a subscription service, although you have to provide a credit car and # when you sign up. itunes is a "pay-per-song" company.

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Steve Jobs invented a different music downloading business. Later, Apple bought that business and made it iTunes in 2001.

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You can contact them via on page form through the itunes website

You can buy iTunes credit card at your local WHSmith / Whitcoulls and some service stations. You can also buy iTunes credit card at your local Costco.

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It depends on your location. iTunes may add tax to the song based on your location. More information is available in the iTunes terms of service.

It seems that iTunes requires the program provider information to be downloaded with the program. A fail in the network between the machine you have and the iTunes sync service has meant the information iTunes needs is not there. Have you tried to download the program again or can you use the program without the provider data information

iTunes 4.1 should; all others will probably require Service Pack 1 or later. Service packs for Windows are free; there's no real reason not to install one.

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Do you mean the iTunes software or connecting to the iTunes store? Over the holiday period the iTunes store is very busy with all the new iPods and iPhones connecting to see what is available which can cause a slow down of the service.

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