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Is icecream bad for you?

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It depends on your definition of bad. If you mean not good for you body then probably yes. But if you are talking about your brain, then it is definitely a good thing.

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HOw is icecream made?

icecream is made from cows then they smoosh it and it becomes icecream!

Is Ben and Jerry's bad for you?

Icecream is largely sugar and milk. If you eat a lot of anything it's bad for you. One pint won't kill you, but if it's everything you eat that's a problem. There's nothing intrinsically horrible health wise about a little bit of icecream.

How is ice cream bad for you if it has milk?

it is not bad for you if taken in moderation just like any other food, however, Icecream has a lot of fat.

How much icecream was on the titanic?

There were1,200 pounds of icecream on the Titanic!!!!!!!

Does chocolate icecream melt faster than vanilla icecream?

no it depends

Which will hold more sand gravel or dirt?

i lke icecream and icecream will meat!:)

Are fudgesicles icecream?

fudgesicles are icecream on a stick that chocolate flavored and dipped in fudge

Why are there wetlands?

a wetland is a icecream cone and icecream maker. your welcome! JK LOL

What is the nicest ice cream?

Blueberry IceCream is the Nicest IceCream! ~Kyle S.

Is icecream a sweet?


Can horses eat icecream?

yes horses can eat icecream. it can't be too good for them though.

How do you teleport to other countries?

With mystical powers and a large icecream yes you heard me ICECREAM... LOL

Is icecream a semisolid?


Can Icecream spoil?


Is icecream healthy?

No.... It is full of FAT. But you can make homemade icecream using healthy foods such as spinach or carrot. EW

What other things fit into the category with cupcakes and ice cream?

cake icecream cake and then thing that is involed with icecream

What does katelyn brown eat?

Katelyn Brown eats pizza, grapes, hamburgers,hotdogs (bad for her figure),icecream, crabs , shrimp, gumbo,etc.

How does ice cream get into the ice cream van?

They have to go to companys to pick the icecream up then they put it into icecream man's trucks (:

Is ice cream bad for a stuffy nose?

No, actually it is helpful for it. A lot of times people will have stuffy noses, eat icecream, and feel a lot less stuffy.

How many calories are in icecream?


What was Lincoln's favorite dessert?


What does akullore mean in English?

Icecream !!

Is icecream a substance or mixture?


Is icecream a substance?

It is a colloid as it is an emulsion. :]

What food has strawberries in it?

strawberry icecream!

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