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Yes. All proteins are polar.

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Is water a polar molecule or a non polar molecule?

It is a polar molecule

Is water a non-polar molecule or a polar molecule?

A polar molecule

Is molecule AsF3 polar?

It is a polar molecule and has polar bonds.

Is A polar molecule an ion?

No a molecule is a molecule, polar or nonpolar.

What kind of molecule is insulin?

Insulin is a hormon.

Is insulin or glucose bigger?

An insulin molecule is much bigger than a glucose molecule.

Is the XeO4 a polar or non polar molecule?

a non polar molecule

Is 03 a polar molecule?

No, O3 is not a polar molecule. It is a nonpolar molecule.

How many amino acids does the insulin molecule contain?

The molecule of insulin contain 51 aminoacids.

Is NO- a polar molecule?

Yes, NO is a polar molecule.

Is the molecule CO carbon monoxide polar or non-polar?

it is polar (inorganic) molecule

What is non polar molecule?

A on polar molecule is when there is an equal sharing of electrons between the two atoms of a diatomic molecule. There is a symmetrical arrangement of polar bonds on a non polar molecule.

Can a molecule with polar bonds be a non polar molecule?

yes, a non polar molecule can have a polar bond, as long as it has another opposite polar bond to counter the first.

Can a molecule be polar with no polar covalent bonds?

No, without polar covalent bonds a molecule can neither be polar.

Is HBr a polar or non polar molecule?

HBr is a polar molecule

Is carbon dioxide a polar or non-polar molecule?

non-polar molecule

Oil is a polar or non-polar molecule?

oil is non polar molecule

Is ether a polar molecule?

No, ether is a non polar molecule.

Is HI a polar molecule?

Yes. HI is polar molecule.

Could Water be a polar molecule?

Water is a polar molecule.

What happens if water is a polar molecule?

Water IS a polar molecule.

Is chloroform polar molecule?

Yes. chloroform is polar molecule

Is CaOH02 a polar or nonpolar molecule?

non-polar molecule

Is O2 a polar molecule?

O2 is non polar molecule .

Is SO2 a polar molecule?

yes, SO2 is a polar molecule

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