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if you a financing a boat and it is used as collatoral you must have insurance. if there are no leins against the boat, insurance is not mandatory.

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2009-09-28 00:20:00
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Q: Is insurance for private boats mandatory in Florida?
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Is boat insurance mandatory in Arkansas?

Yes. You mustang show proof of liability insurance for all boats with motors over 50 horsepower in order to obtain your arkansas boat registration.

Is boat insurance mandatory in Montana?

No. It's not like everyone owns a boat there. Not many people own boats unless they have like a yacht or something.

Can the boat dealer recommend insurance for the boat?

In my opinion I think some boat dealers can recommend insurance to the boat because they're boat dealers know about boats danger of boats and a lot of facts about boats. So yeah boats dealers can recommend insurance for boats you buy and have.

What types of insurance products are offered by Royal Insurance?

Royal Insurance Group only services clients in Florida. Some of the services they offer are insurance for homeowners, floods, vehicles, boats and water craft, motorcycles, and RVs. Royal Insurance also offers coverage for companies.

Does auto insurance cover boat?

No, boat insurance covers boats. Just like there is motorcycle insurance.

Are boats cover under home owner insurance?

no, you should have boat insurance separately

Where can I find boats for sale online?

Many boats are listed for sale on by private sellers. Also, has many boats for sale.

What are the common things in Florida?

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Which companies in Australia offer boats for sale?

The Boats Online website offers new boats and used boats for sale in Australia. They are specialised in power boats for sale in Australia. The also offer specialised boat finance and boat insurance.

Does Farm Bureau Insurance offer coverage on boats?

Currently, Farm Bureau Insurance does offer coverage for boats. The premium required will depend on the type of boat, make, model, age, and who the primary operator will be.

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they are getting hit by speed boats

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