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Is interest on a judgment compounded?

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What is the interest rate of 13.75 percent compounded monthly is equivalent to a daily compounded interest rate?


What is the interest and balance of 375 at 4 percent for 5 years?

If compounded, interest = 81.244 and balance = 456.245 If not compounded, interest = 75 and balance = 450

How much would 2000 become in 10 years at 5 percent interest?

If it is not compounded the interest would be 2000x10x.05=1000 If it is compounded then it is different.

What is the monthly interest rate of and annual 10 percent rate?

It is 0.833... recurring % if the interest is simple, or compounded annually. If compounded monthly, it is approx 0.797 %

How many interest will you get for 1 million?

It depends on the rate of interest, how it is compounded, and how long it draws interest.

150 if invested for three years at a 9 percent interest rate?

$194.25 if interest is compounded annually. A little more if compounded quarterly, monthly, or daily.

Is interest compounded weekly is compounded fifty times a year false?

Yes: a year is not 50 weeks.

What is meant by compounded interest in terms of economics?

In terms of economics, compounded interest means the interest earned from the principal and added interest. In many cases, this method is always used by some internet scammers to lure people to invest.

What is the compound interest on 750000 pesos borrowed at 2.50 percent interest per year for 1 year if the interest is compounded quarterly?

Since the annual interest rate is given, the fact that the interest is calculated and compounded quarterly is not relevant. The interest is 750000*2.5/100 = 18750 pesos.

Would the statement 'Simple Interest is interest earned on interest' be True or False?

False. Interest upon interest is compounded interest

How many times interest be added to the principal in one year if the interest is compounded annually?

"Compounded annually" means that the interest is added once a year.

What is compound interest semiannually?

Interest is compounded semiannually if the interest is calculated every six months and added to the capital.

How To calculate the interest to be deducted from the loan of 20000 which is to be paid within 2years at the rate of 10?

If the rate is 10% interest on a $20,000 loan for two years, interest will be $4,428.06 if compounded continuously. If compounded annually, it would be $4,200.

What financial products offer compounding interest?

When a financial product pays compounded interest the investor earns interest on interest earned. For example, when $1,000 is invested at a compounded rate of 5 percent the principal balance of the investment would increase to $1,050 at the end of year one assuming annual compounding of interest. In year two the investor would receive interest at 5 percent on $1,050 for an interest payment of $52.50 in year two. Money left to accumulate at compounded interest can grow tremendously over time (see Compounded Earnings: Making Your Money Work for You).Banks offer compounded interest on savings accounts and certificates of deposit. Another method of obtaining a compounded rate of interest can be achieved by buying US Treasury issued zero coupon bonds which offer the advantage of long dated paper and the ability to know upfront what the compounded rate of return will be (see Zero Coupon Bonds Explained: Locking in Long Term Profits).

How many times will interest be added to the principal in 1 year if the interest is compounded annually?


Where can I find a calculator to see how much compounded interest I will be paying? is a great and easy website to calculate your compounded interest. It walks you through, step by step.

How much will 20k earn in 5 yrs if invested at 10 percent compounded semiannually?

If every six months the capital earn 10% interest which is compounded, at the end of 5 years, the interest will be 31875. If the annual interest rate is 10%, it makes no difference how often it is compounded. The six monthly interest rate is adjusted - to 4.88% rather than 5% - so that the total interest for a year is 10%.

Future value of 2000 in 5 years at interest rate of 5 percent?

Compounded annually: 2552.56 Compounded monthly: 2566.72

What is 350 in 6 percent interest in four years?

It depends on when it's compounded. Left alone and compounded annually, the total is 441.87.

What is the nominal rate of interest per annum compounded monthly equvalent to effective interest rate of 12.60 percent per annum?

0.9938% per month, when compounded is equivalent to 12.6% annually.

Can a judgment get interest applied to it?

Yes it can. Usually in the judgment itself it will state the interest rate wich applies.

What interest rate is required for an investment with continuously compounded interest to double in 8 years?

It is approx 8.66%

How many times interest be added to the principal in one year if the interest is compounded semi annually?


What is the annual interest rate on 5000 compounded continuously at 6.3 annual interest rate?

I suspect that it will be 6.3!

How many times will interest be added to the principal in 1 year if the interest is compounded quarterly?